Is there after purchase support?

Correct. And you didn’t get PD (which may be an issue in the future if more devices want PD).

1.5A is lower than what the phone might want. With the Purism-supplied charger, it negotiates 3A. Still, 1.5A is enough to run the Librem 5 and do some decent charging.

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What’s PD?

Neither myself (actually my phone), as I’m getting only USB-DCP charging protocol on my few days ago received Google G1002 7.5W USB-A power supply and my Librem 5 (including its battery) is already in love with it. I was just lucky to get (buy) G1002 (that is actually capable of providing 10W).

@irvinewade, thanks for your input! Thanks while as long as we understand each other and as long as we are describing same “music” field, I appreciate your every input (as yours are needed here indeed).

The line of output labelled POWER_SUPPLY_USB_TYPE lists the supported charging protocols and the one that is in force (through negotiation) is enclosed in square brackets.

PD means USB Power Delivery protocol. Refer and

The Librem 5 wants PD 3.0 if I recall correctly.

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As might help and in order to be precise (at least once) Librem 5 needs PD2.0:

@Photon can you find car charger (particular one from Belkin) that I recommended to you or not? Asking while currently do not have much time for some additional explanation.

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No, this is not helping at all with the Librem 5 battery charging. Yet this command helps for sure:


If you are using USB-C port and your post indeed related to RAVPower RP-PC017 you’ll get there Amax = 3000000 (no doubts from my side).

EDIT II: If we stick with the same quality manufacturer, both USB-C output ports from RAVPOWER RP-PC136 65W 2A2C will work as expected with the Librem 5 too (as build around PI’s InnoSwitch3 series charging controller). Also, thanks for providing important inputs as otherwise we do not know much on how you charge there! As only based on your current standpoint we might indeed help you out.

You might have got me there. :wink:

The charger that is supplied with the Librem 5 is labelled as being “PD 3.0” but that doesn’t say what the phone wants or needs.


What happens if I buy PD 3.0 extra charger?

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Just buy the right one, for example Google TC 1000 or Asus AQ18A-59A (both are 18W up to 9V/2A or rather both indeed support 5V/3A). @Photon and @veleno (as add-on to the related USB-DCP thread), if you prefer having built-in high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors (two are 400V 22μF and the other two are 400V 33μF) take AUKEY PA-B3 65W 1A1C (preferable for Librem 5 and Librem 14 charging, therefore I just bought one) or even AUKEY PA-B4 65W 2C (only when in addition some Samsung devices need to be charged there). This edit post main purpose is rather thought of mine that should help you to understand importance of USB-DCP charging protocol negotiation (every PD2.0, PD3.0 as well as PD3.1 negotiation, between power supply and end-device, actually starts at 5V and therefore I’m only focused on power delivery within 5V range, here where we are having dialog on charging of the Librem 5).

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This is pure PD3.0 (here shown twice charging output of 100W), and this power supply is NXP® chips based as well:,w_695/v1672987220/mjzfl589oxfcgy0zsrce.jpg,w_695/v1672986615/kusrhroyttxu16t9tqxv.jpg

P.S. I understand above charging values as I’m getting for my needs almost 90W, from single USB-C port, just while my battery takes what it likes (not a single watt more): and:

P.S. Might be this is just another entertainment post, yet I cannot read non-stop about PD3.0 without knowing that someone actually needs it.

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@tracy, if you would like to intentionally lower charging input to 1.5A than please buy switching power supply called SONOS CPS012050210V or CPS012050210U. I like it very much as having exact voltage output of 5.0V.

Another note/reminder would be that if used power supply isn’t reliable enough it might burn out itself, especially when providing power to the Librem 5, which of course might have further unwanted consequences (not only related to the connected phone).

So… I think I’m missing something. Seems like the conversation is dancing around the issue. The L5 needs PD2 or it wants it? I expect these standards to have backwards compatibility, so when the L5 can’t negotiate 3A and gets 1.5A then the only downside is a slower charge, right? Or is there a heretofore unmentioned risk damage?

There is no dancing here as we already have solution: USB-DCP-5V-1.5A protocol and Librem 5, telling us that if two main charging conditions aren’t present than our Librem 5 will only take 0.47A.

If the phone is charging this well on 0.47A," and there is no chance of damage, then I am happy indeed. If I need to buy a charger in the future, I’ll definitely buy one with PD 3, but I’m not feeling rushed.

If it is about happiness (and not to touch on C+ and C− poles negotiated voltages, to overheating of the whole phone related) inserted Li-ion BPP-L503 battery does not like being charged with undercurrent (as I guess here related battery would take easily 2.0A, as native or belonging charging current of it and therefore charging it way below 1.0A, especially when under 60% of its capacity, is at least ridiculous, or in short will decrease expected lifetime of this Li-ion battery significantly, IMHO).

Please just do not buy the wrong one (even if you think that my thread is of obsolete purpose), as time availability related, search for example for Asus AQ18A-59A from Phihong and let me know if you found one (and where)! Also and for example I’ve tested SONOS CPS012050210V yesterday and this power supply exists only as such, produced as such, and it is not PD2.0 power supply yet it is C+/C− USB-C connector voltages (BC1.2 / USB-DCP) compatible with the Librem 5.

@Photon, in order to be very precise, from inadequate power supply connected there (for some charging purpose) inserted BPP-L503 battery will get (with the Librem 5 screen off / meaning when this phone isn’t used) max. current of 0.27A (if and when WiFi card disabled).

I’ve no intent to purposefully get a lower output power supply. I was just stating a minor factoid.

If the power supply burns out, it’s just another half dozen of those things in a drawer in the house accumulated over the years. Note I said was was using another 'droid, if it dies, pfffft, I’ll get a nother droid. They’ll probably offer me another as a promo as soon as I walk in the T-Mobile door.

As far as harming a Librem 5, I lost that battle almost four years ago (in May) when I ordered. Maybe if it shows up, it will be susceptible to harm.

Is overheating still a thing? Mine is in a TPU case and barely gets warm, even when charging and under heavy use. :thinking:

Here are easily comparable types of charging (related to the Librem 5 host charger):

Also, I’m not bothered any more as what @dos promised over two years ago works for me (since very long time) out of any power supply/bank that I carefully picked up in order to charge my phone:

This can be easily tested:

htop is running a lot of lines. The only odd thing is while watching, noticed every so often but I couldn’t see what chomped at the CPU.

Thank you for the help. The idea of a video sounds like fun. First a light for the camera then same for video. I’m adding another 64 G ram. I have a feeling it will be a while before I am efficient at cleaning it up.

Me too.