I've got my Librem 5. What should I install on it? :)


Yes, Verizon please ! :slight_smile:
If ATT available, try to see if you can get VoLTE to work
Much appreciated


I’m gonna stick to the default desktop (phosh) and OS for now. Figure there’s so much to try out just with various applications first! :slightly_smiling_face: Though I’m sure I’ll end up installing every OS and DE I can at some point. Just can’t resist.

Oh, you know I’m on it. :slight_smile:


Got an AT&T sim for it right now. I’ll kick as many tires as I can.


Personally, I would prefer plastic because we have weak signal strength here. If metal has the slightest negative impact on reception it is thumbs down from me.


Is it too obvious to ask for installing web browsers ? I would like to see how Firefox is working and some light weight browser too. How are ad blockers and NoScript working ?


Make a phone call to someone: “Hi, I’m calling from my new Librem 5! It runs GNU/Linux!” – it would be great to see if/how well talking on the phone works. Can they hear you, and can you hear them talking back at you?


Do you mean to use a smart phone for actually making audio calls ? Isn’t that a bit old fashioned ? :slight_smile:


Nobody has said Super Tux Kart yet?

I’m actually super curious to see if Apache NetBeans would even work :smirk:

And has anyone suggested Neofetch??


I’m interested in a ssh and a vnc client. :+1:


Plug it in a hub with monitor, ethernet and a external hdd.

Thanks for share.


It’s unlikely that vnc will work, as Wayland does not allow screen grabbing and input emulation, to keep the protocol lean. The shell / compositor have to implement an additional interface for that, usually with security checks. This is still pretty new on Wayland / Gnome and I doubt phosh already has it.


I’m not talking about VNC’ing into the L5, but using a VNC viewer on the phone to view other computers.

This has been one of the main ways I’ve broken the bands of technology personally. Now, when I look at a device to use for work, I can focus on things that matter, like battery life, form factor and portability, durability, etc. I then don’t need to check if the cpu supports virtualization, if I have enough ram for VMs, etc.

If the device I’m using supports SSH, tunneling, and VNC viewers then I can access whatever computer I need remotely, and work regardless of the device I’m using.

It isn’t fun trying to work on code on a tiny android phone, but when it needs to be done, you’ll find, you’ll use just about anything.


What problem and what solution? I know the L5 is thick, but I was unaware of it being really considered a problem and there being a special solution for it.


I’ve got a question, can you encrypt the disk?


Thanks everyone! Got a big list of stuff I’m trying out over the weekend. I’ll get some pictures and video clips up.

This is fun. :slight_smile:


Please test an email program like tinymail, evolution or thunderbird.
Thanks in advance.


In the below post, you can read :

So, for the hardware/design team, this must have been a problem or it wouldn’t take this chamfers form.

Now I have seen the shape in the videos, the bevelled shape with chamfers is very interesting because it does not shock the eye. With a more “square” design, the thickness could be obvious.

I hope you understand now.


@BryanLunduke Could you maybe edit your first post to include the link to where the pictures/video are posted? Thank you :blush:


@BryanLunduke Thanks for posting. We’re excited to see how your weekend faired :slight_smile:


Maybe things will be posted either here:

or here:

But that’s just me guessing, hopefully Bryan will tell us where to look. Meanwhile, I’ll continue salivating and checking the above links every 5 minutes or so. :smile: