Just got my delivery announcement mail

Congrats this is an exciting time :slight_smile:

I got my announcement mail yesterday as well. I ordered on the 15th of September 2017 and it will be delivered to Germany. I did choose an earlier batch (Chestnut) but got assigned to Evergreen. And I am also super excited :smiley:


Hi there,

my situation is like this:

  • order to Germany on 20th of September 2017
  • assigned to Evergreen
  • got a Shipping Estimate Mail today (27th of January 2021)
  • it estimates shipping between February 14th - 19th (2021 :slight_smile: )

People are writing the estimates from the shipping estimate emails here:


I live in the EU too and got my mail today (2 hours ago) and ordered 28th September 2017.

I assume that you have received yours as well by now.

My estimation was March 15-19 though, so a month later than those reporting February like @fernandez :frowning: But I’m patient! They also told me that they will ask about a week before to confirm modem and shipping.


Thanks johan, yes I reported me receiving the email here!

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This applies to me as well, got the email today. What makes me wonder: I assigned for fir. They did not mention the batch that will be shipped. Therefore question: will this be fir or did they secretly put me into evergreen? Is someone else in fir and got the email?

Fir doesn’t exist yet, so you should probably contact Support.

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If it’s the general estimate mail, not your personal modem selection/ address confirmation mail, then I’m pretty sure they just send that to every original backer who did not yet receive a phone.
But even if you get the confirmation mail, you could just reply with “No thanks, Fir please”. I mean, as long as you don’t confirm address and modem, they’ll not force-ship it I guess :wink:


my situation is like this:

  • order to UK on 28th of September 2017
  • assigned to Evergreen
  • got a Shipping Estimate Mail today (27th of January 2021)
  • it estimates shipping between March 15th - 19th (2021)
    im really exited now.
    not sure how customs and vat are going to work for me after leaving the EU, but i know DHL are charging for the extra paperwork, some one has been charged £81 extra for a pair of £20 shoes from italy to be delivered into UK.
    The phone will be worth it, just not sure Brexit is.
    Ho Hum

What was your modem choice, and why?
If you don’t mind saying.

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If you were asking me, as the Gemalto does not seem to be an available choice, you essential can choose between the US, Europe or Asian version of the Broadmobi modem. (Actually, it would have been nice if the modem selection email had listed the available choices :grinning:). I got the European version, living in the EU…


Good point! Calling @Mladen to take notice and make it so the modem selection email is improved :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, it would be nice, if the european people could post the arriving of thier phone here, too:


Just adding my data point:
Ordered/Backed the campaign: September 18, 2017.
Received my shipping notice today February 15 2021.
I am a US resident.


Backed the campaign (there was no phone to order): 19 September 2017.
Received my shipping notice today 15 February 2021.
EU resident (Finland/Sweden).


Did you get a delivery estimate date?

Yes, it should be delivered in about two weeks time.

Looks like they’re working through the 600s-700s, then.

Re actual/imminent shipping, not initial estimated shipping, I mean.

Which is interesting as I did not expect any shipping to commence during the Chinese New Year festivities.