Let's crowdfund some development to get PureOS Crimson ready for L5!

But some of those bugs (stability, reliability) might already have been fixed in the new (as yet unreleased) version of PureOS. I can understand that you might not want “new features”.


~16,5h with a call and kernel update (+ reboot). WiFi and Cellular on and ofc suspend. Battery is 1 year old.


Maybe a crowdfunding infrastructure could be built on top of Taler.

It is until 1 June 2024 possible to apply for funding by the EU to work on this.

NGI TALER is a project funded by the European Commission and the Swiss State to roll out a new electronic payment system that benefits everyone: people, merchants, banks, financial authorities, auditors and anti-corruption researchers. The project doesn’t start from scratch, but builds on the strong foundations of GNU Taler — the privacy-preserving digital payment system developed by the GNU community and Taler Systems SA.

See: NGI TALER: "1/3 📢 Make sure to apply to the second #funding c…" - Une fois pour TOOT! A Mastodon in Brussels

Some other links:




GNU Taler needs to be developed and implemented first, so it is another chicken and egg problem.


Yes, but there is funding available to build it.

From Open Calls Helpdesk - TALER ICH

“The third vertical market addresses charitable donations, pledges and crowd-funding for the Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) ecosystem. This will then enable more systematic donations along the software supply chain. The #Free Software Supply Chain integration is led by our partner NLnet Foundation, a non-profit leading philanthropy in the European Next Generation Internet, based in Amsterdam, and an active grant maker in a global technology landscape, working on a day to day basis with many hundreds of free and open source projects over sixty countries.”

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Okay, so what are you suggesting, leader?

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Did you look deeper into it? Is the project something positive or just advertised in a positive way? It’s “funded by the European Commission” which I do not trust at all (usually wants all the bad digital things).


If there is someone who has skills to work on for example extending the PureOS Store (but then probably directly upstream for GNOME Software) with payments, this work might be eligible to receive funding.

I do not know all the details, but the EU is doing quite some funding on FOSS via Next Generation Internet (NGI). Partially through NLnet, a Dutch foundation.

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Okay, so based on your suggestion, someone from Purism needs to implement Taler in the web shop, then apply for funding. However, based on what @JCS stated earlier, along with the WooCommerce listing, I do not see a need for it for crowdfunding Crimson.

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I meant mainly funding for: “Eventually we hope that the upstream authors will submit their apps to PureOS store directly, which will enable them to also receive donations via our upcoming payment system.” from this post.

But there is also the NGI Mobifree for more ethical and human mobile software. One can submit proposals to NGI Mobifree as well.

Projects should have a European dimension, but this is broadly interpreted. See the question “Can anyone in the whole world submit?” on the FAQ page.


Okay, I suggest creating a separate thread for funding Teler implementation in the PureOS Store for crowdfunding Flatpak developers instead of hijacking the crowdfunding Crimson thread.