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Does that actually disclose all (or any of) the actual merchant charges that are based on annual transaction volume, transaction size, and who knows what else imposed specifically by American Express and generally by any other credit card issuer? (I know I could try to dig one up or start an actual credit application, but I am not that curious.)

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Sure does. A foreign transaction fee applies for currency conversion utilizing the card, usually percentage-based. Some cards waive the fee but have other tradeoffs.

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I meant: Is the actual percentage details and/or currency amount disclosed in the Cardholder Agreement?

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Yes, here is an example of my Cardholder Agreement for the MyVanilla Mastercard:

In this example, spending funds in a foreign currency has a fee of 2.5% of the entire transaction.

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I try to do it and support in addition developers meeting on local locations too. Thank you!


Done. PureOS Subscription Premium - ie: USD$9.99 per month. Good 'un Purism.


Welcome to the community and thanks for subscribing! Nice way to do your first post.


As expected, I could not find any mention of the fee that would be charged to the merchant (Purism) much less the amount or percentage. That is half of what @lakei asked about.

Also, in addtion to the currency conversion fee, the actual conversion factor might not be that great.

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There is usually a foreign transaction fee applied on top of the entire transaction towards the cardholder, not the merchant. If you have a citation for a Cardholder Agreement that you want us to parse, provide it.

I will try one last time to describe the first part of what @lakei was asking about. Please do not make assumptions about what I am describing, which has nothing whatsoever to do with foreign transactions except that the fee I am describing also applies to those transactions.

All credit (and debit) card companies charge the merchant a transaction fee, which varies among card companies and transaction size and/or merchant monthly volume. I have never seen a cardholder agreement that even mentions these charges much less detail them. (I have not seen many cardholder agreements and no merchant agreements.) I only know about them because of small business grumbling and ocassional news articles, both of which also mention that merchants are (or were) forbidden by contract to tack these charges on top of published prices. Merchants are usually allowed, sometimes by law, to offer cash discounts.


I see, in that case, any questions pertaining to payment towards Purism need to be redirected to Purism support:

If there was transparency such as Open Collective uses I would donate. I don’t mind donating money with no oversight to a person because I expect them to pay their bills, eat, etc but when donating to a project or group I prefer to have some public records about what the money gets used for.


I too would appreciate additional transparency with how the funds are used. I like The Document Foundation’s annual reports as an example, and I hope to see more reports from Purism like the recent one they did here: https://puri.sm/posts/2023-finance-report-profitable-more-assets-than-liabilities-over-9m-in-sales-50-margin/