Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?

I have not yet received tracking information or a delayed shipping to May, only shipping address message (26 March), my address confirmation in the same day and feedback from support (6 April). I back-ordered on 7 July with payment finalized on 10 July.
I fear to receive such a delay as @ytihjafsbczpelrmqr since in the shop now they write:

Orders placed today ship June 2021.

I guess otherwise if other options for L14 are influencing shipping date, other than 3-cell battery; I ordered only one storage but other options.
@ytihjafsbczpelrmqr have you ordered big storage, big RAM and a bundle like me?

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@Freedom_Right, another data point for you and @ytihjafsbczpelrmqr:

Ordered: 7/12/21
Shipping Confirmation: 3/26/21
Support Confirmation: 4/8/21
Tracking Information: …


  • Memory (dual slot) - 8GB (1x8GB)
  • Storage M.2 - 250GB (SATA) × 1
  • Firmware - PureBoot Bundle (PureBoot + Librem Key + Vault USB Drive) × 1 (Librem key shipped separately)
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I ordered mid August and haven’t received anything yet. I’m guessing May delivery now.
The website changing to orders “placed today arriving in June” is an update over the last 48 hours or so.


sorry @Bass20 I was hoping you’d hear something by now too :confused:

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To add to the crowd-sourcing of data points:

  • Memory (dual slot) - 16GB (1x16GB) × 1
  • Storage M.2 - 250GB (SATA) × 1
  • Firmware - PureBoot Bundle (PureBoot + Librem Key + Vault USB Drive) × 1
  • Privacy Screen for Librem 14 × 1

I also asked for a shipping update on 4/12/21 and was told best estimate was it will ship this month. :crossed_fingers:


Thank goodness they remembered to include the firmware in your shipment.


I got my tracking number this morning, ordered 2020/07/02. I guess folks who ordered after the first day haven’t quite been reached yet. I’m sure they have a lot of orders to get through on the first few days.

@ytihjafsbczpelrmqr I think the email you’re referring to was a generic newsletter sent to all L14 customers? Not that your order would ship in May, but rather people who pre-ordered now.


Hey all,

My first time posting here but I figure I would add a voice if it helps. I ordered my Librem 14 on 07/03/20, confirmed address on 03/26/21, got second confirm email on 03/30/21. I just received my shipping tracking email today 04/22/21. I bought the L14 stock , I only added a privacy screen and the 3 year warranty. Here’s wishing you all get your shipping emails soon.



No, I am not referring to the generic newsletter. I contacted support asking for an update and received “should ship in late May”.


  • Memory (dual slot) - 64GB (2x32GB)
  • Storage M.2 - 1TB (NVMe Pro)
  • Storage M.2 - None
  • Firmware - PureBoot Bundle Plus (PureBoot + Librem Key Shipped Separately + Vault USB Drive)

Unfortunately, I’ve had to buy another laptop for work.


I ordered 2 July 2020 and so far have not received a shipping notice, but I did receive the initial address validation and the request on what I’d like to do since I ordered 2 storage devices. I have not gotten a follow up on those emails yet. My requested action was emailed twice to them on two separate occasions.

I get they are busy, but I hope I can get an email back with the answer to my request, and that my early order will not be regulated to the rear simply because I ordered 2 drives. (My proposed action was to ship the L14 with the larger battery and the second storage device on the side. Then when the 3 cell battery comes in, I would order that as well.)

This is not a knock on Purism. I know they are busy.

  • full disclosure - I flipped flopped on cancelling it twice. That might be what has my order regulated anywhere.

They may have asked for verification for the first few shipping weeks of orders (maybe the first pallet). Once your laptop is configured and packaged they’ll send out the shipping notice and post it.

That could be a problem. I believe they mentioned that it is now difficult to impossible to ship Lithium batteries by air, if shipping them separately, and that they are working on that problem. So your strategy may not be viable.

If you are in the US (or Canada) then you can ignore this post.


Perhaps they could ship the batteries in a small plastic “electronic device” that doesn’t actually do anything.


Like USB-C PD power bank for laptop, where you can switch the 3 cell battery for the 4 cell. This way you would have both M.2 usable and could use the other bigger battery as handy backup.

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Sweet, another potential delay!

How did these pass hardware qual? The solder jobs are atrocious… I sure hope Purism is screaming at manufacturers right now…


That looks like it was put together by kids at a junkyard :confused: that should never have been approved to be shipped in such an atrocious state.


And has the same person or persons been soldering all the rest of the laptops that came in on the pallet for the past week?


Do you know that for sure or is this just speculation? I’d like to give Purism the benefit of the doubt…


Its either that or third parties liberally modified / hacked up the Librem 14 and Purism didn’t notice. Either way… its a hell of a scandal.


Okay, so no direct evidence that Purism made the modifications. Let’s give Purism the benefit of the doubt, like @kafkaesque said, until we know more.