Librem 15v4: Keyboard layout plans?

First of all i would like to thank you for your great work in the area of free hardware + free software. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of Librem 5 and since ordering it, I’ve been waiting for the next version of the Librem 15. When I read a few days ago that the new version could be ordered, only one thing kept me from it: there was a choice of keyboard layout, which was unfortunately limited to “English (US)”. Are there current plans for other keyboard layouts? In my case, I would be interested in a German keyboard layout.

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The librem v3 is available with a German keyboard, and it has recently been discounted. But I don’t know if there are any planned German keyboards in the newer models, I’ll ask.

as they reach higher sales volumes they will probably be able to meet more demand regarding multi-region keyboards.

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Order a German keyboard and replace the keycap

That’s the solution.

It’s not that easy (or else I would be using a Librem 15 with french AZERTY instead of a Asus Laptop), each laptop has a different keyboard so you can replace Librem keyboard only with another Librem keyboard + different layouts doesn’t have the same number of keys, that may seem like a minor thing but when you use Linux every key is important and I can assure you that writing french with a QWERTY US keyboard is a real pain. (even if it was converted to AZERTY, you would still miss a lot of keys)

The various languages of the keyboard are actually printed on the keycap. Normally, if the key cap is printed in AZERTY French, the computer system selects the French keyboard. At this time, hit AZERTY, and the system displays AZERTY. But if the English keyboard is selected in the computer system, then hit AZERTY, the system will display QWERTY. So, the language on the key cap just helps us remember the function of each key. In fact, you can change the keycap to any language, or paste the required language sticker.
These two posts can help you understand.