Librem 5 and Crypto(currencies)

Jumped on board the Librem 5 train back in Oct of 2017. Why??? Probably one to many beers.But in reality,after being red-pilled and seeing the writing on the wall…I was infatuated with the “privacy” issue with this phone. Hoping that I could get around big brother in purchasing a little crypto. Hoping this phone would have an app…that more importantly than any other app…would have a way of getting around the compromised “big brother” internet that we little people/average Joes…could have more control over our assets.
Biggy problem for this ol boy is I have no knowledge of Linux. If it doesnt do what I want it to do from a menu then…Im lost. Yes...I know....stupid. This phone in my humble this point in NOT going to be my "go to" monetary mechanism. But it should be! For all of us who bought this phone back in 2017 who hoped that this phone would perhaps bring finance anonymity with little actual knowledge of the workings of Linux ...well....I guess its just a little to early for that right now. This type of app needs to be a part of this new technology right now!! Its critical to whats happening in our world at this moment! Not next week…NOW!
We can get around speaking with each other and being eavesdropped on…but we need absolute privacy in our financial transactions. My Reason for buying the Librem5!!
If thats not a possibility …I have a phone …that I haven`t received yet for sale for $699.00 plus shipping and handling.

So is your main interest in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency payment mechanisms?

There is a linux version of the exodus wallet, might be able to run it on the Librem 5 but have no idea.

I think I noticed several different crypto-wallets in the store app (not necessarily adapted to the screen yet, but possibly).

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Exodus is a good one, but you would have to download the deb file from their site. I’d be interested to see how it looks on the phone.

Check this post out on how to use Trezor HW wallet with the Librem 5.


yeah kieran…basically it is. would love to able to move a little crypto from the Trezor or Nano hardwallet
onto the it could be used to pay for things like the apple pay platform.

Thanks raenrfm! I`ll do that for sure!

Thanks for your reply amarok…I`ll check into!

I use a KeepKey with Shapeshifter web interface. It’s nice because it combines the safety of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a web wallet. Once I get my Librem 5 I’m going to see if I can get it to recognize my KeepKey.

The store has Dogecoin (pureos-amber-main). I’ll install it and see if I can post some shots in the app demo thread.

Edit: Scratch that… Fails to launch.

Would you be willing to try loading Exodus wallet?

I’ve tried the Librem 5 with Trezor and that worked fine, but I am also trying to find a good app for the Librem 5 that support many coins and that could be used for daily transactions. I do not want to have to connect my Trezor every time I’m buying a cup of tea for instance. It would be good with a joint effort in developing an app like this, if there isn’t one available yet? Maybe Exodus is that thing but I couldn’t find the source code on GitHub to the Linux Desktop wallet. Can someone post a link to the repo?

Here is a review of the exodus wallet. While not completely open source most of it is based on open source code.

The wallet itself can be downloaded from their website:

Rather not…

It doesn’t matter that it’s “mostly open source”, it needs to be fully open source to be able to build it for ARM architecture and exodus has not built an ARM version themselves according to this FAQ.

So no, it’s not possible to use until they either open source it or provide an ARM build. It might be possible to use the android APK through an emulator but I doubt that the experience would be good.

I don’t use Exodus wallet myself, I prefer the Shapeshifter web wallet with the hardware key integration I think that’s the most secure option, but it’s not convenient for mobile use for sure. Obviously there is a niche that needs filling if someone is willing to code a hardware wallet into the Librem 5, that would be ideal.

That will not do it for me either. It has to be fully open-source for me to trust it.

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This could be done pretty well with seL4. The Librem 5 software would then run in a Linux “container” on top of seL4 and the HW crypto wallet would run as a native process.

The security achieved if the i.MX8 platform is verified would be similar to using a hardware wallet. The i.MX6 platform is verified so maybe the work to make the Librem 5 platform verified is relatively small.