Librem 5 Calendar App

Trying to leave my GNOME-fanboy glasses of, I have to highly disagree. I read a greater amount of articles and saw many videos in which people compared the current status of PureOS with Phosh and Plasma Mobile and all of them stated that PureOS with Phosh is in a much better state so far.
It’s about one app here and it takes so much time because there is one guy working in his freetime on the adaption. GNOME “official developers” offered help (not with developing but with reviewing) but they have many different other things to do right now.


GNOME calendar still needs to be made adaptive, some distros like mobian ship a version of GNOME calendar that is scaled to fit the screen, but it is a bit small


That shows for me, that Gnome has no real interest in supporting Librem5. For a test I installed Kate, Dolphin and KOrganizer. Although not optimized for mobile use, they all started in the right formfaktor. Korganizer is better usable then calendar but crashed, when I tried to make new date, which is not a surprize. So I will use kate and doplhin in the future.
For my dates I will use nextcloud in the future.

I state quite the opposite! :stuck_out_tongue:

Afaik every new GNOME mockup is created with a mobile view, they are working on making Nautilus adaptive and they are highly busy finishing up GNOME 40 for its release.
Many apps have already been made adaptive. But please keep in mind libhandy is very very new so things take time.


Now I installed Okular, which works well too and starts in the rihgt form factor.

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Feel free to post a screenshot or two here, for the benefit of all:

I’ll update the top of that thread.

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How can I make screenshots on my librem5?

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Are there any news about an adaptive, suitable calendar app for the L5?
I’m getting more and more frustrated with my L5, incubating in my sideboard, still lacking basic functions.


I share your frustration as a working calendar app is as well one of my key apps i do need to use Librem 5 in a productive way. As it is actually one of the Top 5 Apps in the Fund Your App Initiative I thought the calendar app shall be usable now but it isn’t and having a look at the List of Apps in Development i do see that the status is “not yet adaptive”. So I had a look at the developer status. Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras is working on the calendar app for the Librem 5 and I highly appreciate the work he is doing. My question to the Purism Team is now: Why is there a lonely coding cowboy out there working alone on the calendar app when this has been voted and backed as one of the Top 5 Apps?


Just for the record: I am using KDE Plasma on byzantium on a Librem 14 just fine :slight_smile:

However, on multiple other systems with Plasma I had problems upgrading from debian buster to bullseye (about the same as upgrading amber to byzantium, afaik), so maybe you had the same bug?

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Maybe purism or the developers can explain how/if the “fund your app ranking” affects their schedule. They asked for our votes, they collected our money, they should have a clue.


Gnome calendar libhandy it almost available to Librem 5.


Great news!

Aahhh, really promising! Looks great!
To be honest, I don’t use Gnome calendar on the desktop, because it offers no day view, which is IMO essential.
Your screenshot does’nt show it either. Is it scheduled for the near future?

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These screenshots from last December show a day view (: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

The app was not very usable at that time, but it’s looking good, based on what @carlosgonz posted.

If you install it from the pureos store it looks a lot like a what @carlosgonz shows. However if you look at the week or month view, Friday and Saturday are off screen and not visible in portrait mode.

You can add an event without issue. However the edit screen doesn’t fit well on screen. It is usable, but not pretty.

It is mostly usable as a whole, but not easily so. Need to do a good amount of fanagling to do some common actions.



What? Where? When? How? :slight_smile:

Where is the source code for the calendar app version you are showing here?
I guess it’s not but something else?
Can anyone try the version you are showing?