Librem 5 camera


i have a question about camera

do you already know the camera resolution/fps, and do you think is possible to have an hardware stabilizer?


Linking my reply from a very similar thread.


Thanks for the reply i will hope for something better than 5MP


if the phone has a minimum capability of snaping pictures at 2048 x 2048 px then i’m game.

this is because no matter what the aspect ratio you end up selecting most people have/or need 1920x1080 px resolution on their devices. then you can crop without suffering too much.

what i’m more interested is the actual quality of the pictures like will it be able to snap hdrs or will it have the option to take burst photos at different exposure steps and merge them into hdr formats. or will we have to do this manually. will there be panorama options. what will the low-light capabilities be? what will the minimum/maximum exposure settings look like ? etc.

use page-down key to reach the end quickly and see the hardware specs


Please be warned that that is only the camera for the dev board. The camera on the final phone could be different.