Librem 5 camera

You might find some useful info here, too.

(Most of this was written while amber was shipping, so it might not all apply for byzantium users. The phone you’re setting up is still on amber, I know.)

What do I change?

You’re looking at the Notifications section. Go to Details, then choose Date and Time.

Okay changed time

Terminal updated then megapixels install then there it is , on the screen!!
Now I can get going on the other issues. Thanks a million guys!


make sure to click on the 3 separate words top left while using megapixels to change focus,color, and brightness. Make’s photos go from ‘I can’t see anything’ to ‘useful photos’.

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I’ll get workin on that. But first I have to make some lunch.

aight, enjoy!

That seems to have done the trick (!) but … just curious but I would have thought that having a significantly incorrect date (past or future) will definitely cause a certificate problem but an error of some hours on the time shouldn’t matter either way??

Having said that, I can’t tell whether @j8m2p6f had a wildly incorrect date or it was only the time that was wrong.

My experience is that time being off by a matter of minutes (as little as 5-10 minutes of inaccuracy) is in fact a problem for certificate and other security solutions. Some applications are more forgiving than others, but time is a very important and sensitive thing.

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The date was correct but the time was off by appx 2 hrs.


Kerberos, I think. TOTP, definitely. I should have made clear that the scope of my question was only about TLS and its use of certificates.

I’m wondering whether the problem is revocation - as revocation may operate on much shorter timeframes than the underlying certificates.

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I could have been more clear as well.

The reference to other security solutions was intended to convey that TLS certificates aren’t the only place I have seen this behavior.

I have seen different implementations for TLS that have resulted in varying amounts of time before there is a performance issue. Whether that’s from multiple interpretations of the standard or just not properly implementing the standard intentionally is a whole other conversation :slight_smile:

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back in the old times when I often ended up with the battery flat and the clock set to year 2155 on my Birch unit, I got away with just fixing the year. But yeah, there’s no telling how accurate the clock should be, it depends on the certificate.

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I was about to install Megapixels (haven’t had it for along while) and… it wants to remove most of gnome and take linux images too. I kinda think I might need those. So just to check: this can’t be right, can it?

It’s millipixels. The next version of millipixels will provide an empty transitional package to get rid of this old broken one (and in the future PureOS version it will likely provide the upstream Megapixels instead, which this old package is kinda impersonating as it was heavily patched beyond recognition anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )


Apparently I haven’t been attentive… It seems I still have an old installation of millipixels (0.17 - it hasn’t updated in a while). It seemed odd that some of the screen caps looked different but always thought it was some separate branch and all the advancements were happening under the hood - while I was still using the same old version. Do’h :man_facepalming:

When is the main/stable version updating? Or is there something wrong with my updates?

Which version do you mean? There’s megapixels which we no longer use, and millipixels which has succeeded it for L5.