Librem 5 media (photos and videos)


@Skalman My man! I love Skalman. Are you Swedish? Where do you live if so?


Japp, svensk. Du också?


by @hackersgame (includes: get an L5 for free)


Japp det är jag!! :slight_smile:


Jo jag gillar också Skalman! Jag tänkte att Skalman skulle uppskatta Librem 5-projektet, tror inte att han gillar att ha beroenden på “Google Services” och sån skit i sina uppfinningar, han vill vara oberoende. :slight_smile:

English: I was thinking that Skalman (tortoise, inventor and friend of Swedish cartoon character Bamse: would appreciate the Librem 5 project. Skalman would not want his inventions to be dependent on Google Services and such, he likes to be independent.


For those who does not know Skalman: He is an inventor and constructs the most amazing things. However, he takes naps now and then and it is impossible to wake him up until his own alarm bell rings :-). Very suitable for the Librem 5 project :-).

(Också svensk)


This video should own it’s own thread to attract more people (hopefully with some programming background) to leave comments on his video :wink:


more photos and an actual review here:


thank you for linking here ! i agree to what’s being said about “don’t feed the trolls” - for those that got Birch or earlier please be very careful WHOM you sell it to if you do decide to give it away (better not to if you can keep it - a beautiful museum piece - seriously).

there are people out there that really can’t appreciate what this means … looking forward to more updates once there are noteworthy news …

Selling my Librem5 DevKit

I mean… that’s just great advice in general. It’s way too easy to get emotional from words on a screen, best to ignore or at least do what I do and close your tab if you get emotional online, come back to it later with a fresh head…

Agree about the rest as well. It’s a nice down to earth review and good to know it can only get better from here! Congrats to all at Purism!!


That’s a good review! It perfectly matches my first impressions with the phone too.


I was looking through the pictures and saw this:

Is the speakers w/ USB-C not supposed to be centered? There is a bigger gap on one side than the other…


according to owners’ comments It’s intentional opening for fingernail to open back-cover


Many thanks for the review. I did not expect a phone that well finished either. It is an amazing accomplishment by the Librem people. I’m glad that I paid for the first Linux hardware phone development two years ago. It was really worth it when I read your review. I will get my phone only next April but I will wait for it assured that I made the right decision i September 2017.

Thanks !


Just in case Azdle stumbles on this thread, here are two typos for her/him to correct:

It’s hard to completely open an honest
It’s hard to completely open and honest

since one the battery drain issue if fixed, I’ll rarely be turning it off or on.
since once the battery drain issue if fixed, I’ll rarely be turning it off or on.


you mean @azdle? Great post, btw! :slight_smile:


Thanks @amosbatto (& @Caliga), fixed.


It’s vertically centered between the two chamfers. It’s hard to tell right around that area with my crappy photo, but if you look at the edge, you’ll see that the bottom chamfer if much larger.


@ruff @azdle I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I didn’t mean the big gap on the side to open the back-cover. I was more aiming at the USB-C port and the 6 speaker holes on each side of the USB-C port. The 6 holes on one side is closer and the other is further away from the port. Can you see it? It’s unsymmetrical. Doesn’t bother me tho.


righto… it seems usbc is a bit shifted to the left indeed.