Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

Anymore pictures?

And do calls and texts work 100% fine?


I’ve not been able to test calling or texting personally yet. My last phone before it broken in February (a huawei mate 9), and so I do not have a working simcard on hand. I likely won’t personally test calling until next fall as all my classes are currently online, as such I have no reason to even leave the house for the next few monthes until I can get back into a classroom.

That being said they have shown the calling working before. So I have no doubt it works, as for more pics I can take some, but expect them to be just as bad. I had to take that one with an old webcam as I have nothing better, just getting it to show the camrea and sensor took using a flashlight.

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So far I can say I like the size and feel of it better then I ever liked my mate 9. It’s about 5 mm smaller on the length and width. I also enjoy the thickness, it feels more natural to hold for sure.

I’ve not noticed the thermal issue the early batches had at all personally. While it does get warm when charging so did all my past phones, so I don’t see that as an issue.


Have you noticed any of the spontaneous shutdown that they were talking about ?


Yes, in the first two days of me having the phone it was an issue that was very noticeable. Past the 16th I’ve not noticed it since, so I’d assume the mitigation is working.


Besides the part at the beginning where he calls it the Alpine branch, this is a pretty good and favorable review.


Nice, about 6 hours screen on time sounds really good. My Pixel 2 gets around 6-7 hours. Combined with later idle refinements the Librem 5 surely can bring us to one day of usage! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’d be happy with 8hrs for a start …

I am using a Samsung Note 5 that is getting quite old. The screen on time, I would guess, is maybe about 4 hours currently.
But, the thing that really drives me nuts with it is the jumps in battery levels. I can be on a phone call starting at, say, 50% battery, then look down in a minute and see it below 20%.

No doubt this is due to the age of the battery, but I’ll be happy if the L5 can last slightly longer (looks like it for sure will) and doesn’t have these crazy jumps in battery level.

And - unlike this dumb Samsung - I can replace the battery when it gets old! What a novel concept.


Actually it is a good old concept. Just what is happening to people’s memories? Non-replaceable batteries are only a few years old…


Right, that is what I mean, it hasn’t been an option in so long it’s practically a new idea. I remember replacing the battery on my first smart phone, then the powers-that-be took that option away from me.

they did NOT take it away from you … they simply refused to INVEST in a WORKING industry standard thus ensuring the outcome that we’ve all been experiencing ever since …


The Mali one is in the…pinephone?


I love the fact that the LG always does good reviews, but this for the L5 is not great.

What Purism has done, and what they are doing is amazing, and it is hugely appreciated.

But at this stage, there are no independent reviews of calls working 100%, ( people typing "hey my calls work fine is not proof sadly) and there still seems to be a lot of issues.

I really hope someone in Purism marketing actually releases videos and proof that calls work 100% fine, among other things.

Also rather than giving a chart of bandwidths that the L5 should work with, why not do a country by country list and give the providers name rather than the bandwidth, such as Vodafone, 3, and so on, this will make people feel more confident in buying the finished product.

Will you ask about phone call every week?
There was a phone call video on the devkit 18 month ago and some video on prototype batches for a year now.

What’s the point of independent review on this topic? It can just become better with time now, except for a few temporary regressions that will not be pushed into stable repositories once Evergreen is released.


how do you know this won’t be the case once the Evergreen batch starts mass-shipment ? either way by Fir this will for sure become a reality … you can contribute to this wish yourself …


I do not think Torrone that a video showing a phonecall from the CEO of Purism is independent do you? Until an independent person shows and proves that calls work 100% correctly, then we only have peoples word to go on don’t we?

Yes I will continue to ask the same questions until a legitimate answer is provided and proved.

While what Purism are doing is amazing, I do not think people will pay for a phone in which one of the most basic features can not yet be 100% established do you?

Have you seen any other phones on the market which state" we are not sure this can make calls, maybe, but we are not totally sure yet"?

“What’s the point of independent review on this topic?”

When the man from Ford the car company sells you a car and tells you it is amazing, do you believe his word 100% or do you look for someone to give an opinion who does not work for Ford?

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No one says otherwise.
But do you think they use special effects in all their videos? That Purism makes fake?
Why doubt the call function in particular and not about everything else?

Can’t you see it’s useless?
The general public won’t get the phone until next December at the earliest.
You are asking for something impossible. Only a few prototypes exist at this stage.
Even if someone else posts a video of a call with the prototype, it doesn’t prove that he wasn’t paid by Purism or that the final model will have the same functionality if we follow your conspiracy logic.

We are SURE that we can make calls with the Librem 5 since early 2019!