Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

Unfortunately the Librem 5 modem (well, at least one year ago when the batches were announced) isn’t fully compatible with the Australian network, so I had to cancel my pledge (and I got a full refund). I bought a Pinephone instead, it has a modem that include all the required bands for Australia and Europe.

Maybe the modem issue was a good thing after all, I would have been still waiting for my phone at this stage!

Maybe try to necro this topic: Any UK users of the Librem 5?

and tag in some of the people who responded in that topic in case they a) are in the UK, and b) have by now received a phone.

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I tihnk you have a catch-22 situation here: the moment someone writes about their Librem 5 on their blog or whatever, I suppose that person becomes a “blogger” so then, you will never be satisfied. :smiley:

Let me try anyway, here are some links:

I could also tell you about my own second-hand-bought Librem 5 Birch, but – if I do that, will that turn me into an influencer? I want to keep being a normal person (or a normal turtle in my case). :stuck_out_tongue:


If I recall for Australia we had one customer who got Chestnut (am I on the right tree?). And he was happy with the European modem. Granted it didn’t cover the B28 band, but it worked fine for him. I’m in for Evergreen at this time and will go with the European option meaning I won’t get mobile coverage at home which doesn’t worry me at all.

I will say that the lack of having the variant that did cover the B28 band is a big disappointment seeing as though at one point it was under consideration.

what a nasty word that is …

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Search is your friend: Observatons with the Chestnut batch - Librem 5 received Jan 2020

I’m still trying to work out whether an “observaton” is some kind of quantum particle. :wink:

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Observaton, once you observe it, it disappears.


If you think it’s enough to have a Librem 5 to become an influencer, well, maybe you’re right: it’s such a rare thing that probably you’ll become famous, at least inside this community! :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :blush: :kissing_heart:


Very cool work by @hackersgame!


Sure, that’s cool but how about simply a whitelist? That is, only callers in your address book are actually put through; others are sent to voicemail.

[edit] Actually, it would probably be better if the call was just ignored so that it would only go to voicemail after they wait through some ringing.

I would love it as this:

  • Whitelist options
  • Anything not on whitelist is prompted to enter numbers as in this video
  • Blacklist to outright block certain numbers

I find that marketers and robo-callers are not inclined to leave a voicemail. If someone not in my address book really wants to talk to me then they’ll leave a voicemail.

I wish that were the case for me. I get two or three voicemails of the second half of a recording of a robo voice each week when I ignore numbers I don’t recognize. Either it’s my “local Google Plus Specialist” or some Mandarin Chinese robot voice saying who knows what :).

But a simple whitelist would be by far much easier to implement than this I would think.


i love how smoothly they push these breakthroughs under the radar >

wow ! that’s an older version of Blender though … it’s probably for OpenGL compatibility reasons with the L5. remember the iGPU in the L5 is not a desktop class GPU although it can be used for learning and light tasks quite nicely. for a v1 it’s not bad at all imo.

purism@dogwood:~$ apt show blender
Package: blender
Version: 2.79.b+dfsg0-7

PureOS Amber is based on Debian Buster, so unless manually updated by PureOS or Librem 5 team it has the same versions of packages as current Debian Stable. There’s a good progress being made on preparations to switch to PureOS Byzantium though, which is based on Debian Bullseye, which is much fresher :slight_smile:


was that a hint that the new version 2.83 + might ALSO work as well ?

does that mean it will apply only to the L5 or across all Purism products ?