Librem 5 media (photos and videos)


Oh, nevermind about models existing then. Which repo is this?


It’s only PNG export.
I haven’t access to the 3D model.


Actually, I’m still going to have to carry my work phone as well :frowning:


MOLLE saves the day for me. organised, efficient, bulky … just like the military.


Edit: In this video, Todd details some improvements that will be available with the following batch Birch.

Battery for Librem 5

Librem 5 Disassembly and Reassembly with Purism CEO Todd Weaver and TLG Gardiner Bryant

I don’t think I’ve seen this photo before:

It shows the coaxial antenna cables quite nicely, and makes it clear that the metal part of the case is not just a ring around the edge.

It’s included in this blog post. I think I’ve already seen most of the other images in the blog post.


these new pics also show the cuts in the frame, which were missing in the initial Aspen models (silver version). Or I might have missed them before. They are also important for radio signal but being blocked.


Ugh. Such a huge update just when I tried to sleep… :smiley:
No more sleep.


Did anyone else spot that he forgot to put the battery back in at the end? :grinning:


Best thing: Todd says they want to ship ~ 50,000 units before the end of Q1.
That is very reassuring and explains why the team page now shows 13 more faces (well… pending I guess) than a month ago.


It is very reassuring that, even if they don’t hit the 50k target, they have confidence in their processes and supply chain to hit that number.


why not if the demand is strong enough ?


That might explain why they have a “Buy now” button for the phone front and center on their home page. If they expected the backlog to be around for a while, then I would expect that they would not do that.


He does say that in the video, but did he actually mean that, maybe he misspoke in some way? That many before Q1, that is before Evergreen! Could they really have that many preorders now?? It’s crazy, at least 10 times more than I was expecting.


Well, only 2…5 times more than I was expecting
I had collected all hints in the “campaign outcome” section of the chronology.

But yes, I was also wondering whether he meant to say “by the end of Q2”. But that’s secondary. Having several k pre-orders already is awesome either way.


Say what? Q1 has already been and gone? Or does this mean end of CY2020 Q1?

Even so I would like them to prioritise the early backers who are still waiting for a phone and who are in the first 1% of that 50,000 units. :slight_smile:


Todd Weaver just posted a new picture:


Fast application of his promise :open_mouth:

We know that many of you have been frustrated by the lack of public updates around the Aspen batch until now, and we hear you. We are trying to balance the myriad (but imminently solvable) challenges of perfecting the Librem 5, with the aim to update all of you with detailed updates as early and often as we can.


Understandig the giant task Purism has achieved