Librem 5 replaceable battery purchase


This is the question for Purism stuff.

I am a concerned consumer, i would like to know is that possible to order the extra battery pack together with evergreen ?



@nicole.faerber said in August 2019 that Purism will sell replacement batteries for the Librem 5. I’m not sure if that will be available when Evergreen starts shipping.

A bigger question is whether there is any device that can charge up the extra battery when it isn’t inserted in the Librem 5. Until Purism enables good power management (suspend to RAM and wakeup on call), some people will want to carry two batteries to get through a full day. Most people, however, will just carry around a USB-C power bank, which is heavier, but a cheaper solution.


I’m going to test one of these types of universal chargers when I get my hands on the L5. Movable contacts should enable the needed fit. May not be the fastest but as long as it’s less than the time I spend sleeping, it should be enough.

And how much is it? (another consumer here too)


I have that one and it works great for all the old phones around the house. I imagine it will work OK for the L5, too… even if I have to break off the sliding door and use a rubber band to hold the battery in – I don’t think the big L5 battery will fit otherwise.


I hope Purism will provide complete technical specifications about the battery and about phone charging so we can have the option to create our own power solutions and stuff.


You’re going to have access both to the source code and to the schematics. While it’s not exactly the same as a technical spec, it should be enough to understand how that works.


Thanks. I found there more info about the battery charge controller which have a very nice datasheet with lots of information. But I (an amateur) don’t know if those phone schematics are enough to explain what features and in what way particularly is that charge controller used in the phone.

I hope there will be also a battery datasheet.

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Exactly, but the picture (product) you posted have opening mouth of up to 5.5 cm (I guess, but @Photon doesn’t) which is not adequate for batteries with width of cca. 6.0 cm, like the one in Librem 5. Therefore if you are still considering to buy some universal battery charger, that is based up to max. charging of 4.2V (as already and properly advised within this Forum), you might end up with this one:

Needed to update this thread while:

Thank you both!