Librem5 patina?

If I can make a case for a case (har), then it’s a good idea to have a consumable outer cover to protect the more expensive to replace inner cover.


Shouldn’t that be an integral part of the original design than?

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Wow! That is a well used phone? Have you been banging nails into a wall with that?!

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There’s no need to make that integral if it’s easy to get one from a third party :slight_smile: Maybe I should ask the shop people if they could add one to the shop.


Well, Nokia (and later on Microsoft) used to do a good job at coming up with back covers that worked as a case: wrapped around the edges, covered in a rubber layer, easily replacable at low cost. So it can be done.

Offering a case in the store seems like a good idea. But if it adds bulk to the phone, it is not for me.

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Here ya go… You’re welcome! :laughing:

I got 12 likes for my previous case post:

Ah, the Escher case…

A good soak in vinegar and proxide first, then into a bag full of uncooked rice, and Bob’s yer uncle.
The easy route to a steampunk Librem5, I would say. :wink:

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I use my Librem 5 as a daily phone since 2022-05-01. My phone looks like it is new, except for the area around the USB socket, and one corner that I hit to a wall once. I handle my phone always with care and make sure to put it not in a pocket with for example keys or other hard or sharp items. I do not use a screen protector nor a case. There are no scratches on the screen. Now and then I wipe the screen to be totally clean and shining again.

Note that the white parts at the edges in the photo above are reflections from lamps.

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Looking sharp, Jan. I also try to handle it with care, and I do have a screen protector - a first for me.
My greatest fear is dropping it (on a hard floor). But based on Chris’s photo’s I would say the L5 can handle a fall or two…

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Not so fast!

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Well, yes, there is always the screen.

The Zitto bumper looks pretty nice. But I wonder how well it fits. I ordered a BigBen Folio case mentioned in another case thread because it looked pretty good. But having received it, I found it a bit too tight, and most likely not very effective at protecting the L5. So, I am a little hesitant ordering yet another ‘test’ case.
Has anyone tried a Zitto?

Drop testing anyone?

It doesn’t seem like much, but the dispay numbers at the end indicate a proper boot sequence starting. Multiuser System had less than 512KB, expandable up to 2MB.

I do note they removed any connecting cables between components. I think the result may have been different had outside ports been pulled out.

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Happy this was brought up. I have 2 coming so shall be sure to pick up another roll of duck tape before I get my it’s coming email. :sunglasses:

Regarding the original subject line. I’m reminded of how color gets applied to metal. Unless something new has come up, it is called anodizing, my first experience with anodized aluminum was 60 years ago as a kid when colored aluminum cups were popular in the dining room. They were tinted in light colors, yellow, green, orange, & blue. When you had ice with kool-aid you could feel the cold right away. (Which may explain the L5 heat.)

Anyway the color does not come off like paint. You have to scratch it, which explains the light patina.

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Well, the metal on the L5 scratches quite easily. So, nothing new there, probably. Maybe the L5 will develop a bit of a rugged look. Like well used aluminum camping gear or some of the tools I own. I wouldn’t mind that.

Speaking of camping gear and color (here is an intersection losing 6 degrees of separation) there’s a wargaming buddy of mine who owns a prepper store. It includes camping year and well, even canned water. Then I noticed the knives with bright colored plastic handles.

He told me they’re not for hiding in a combat war zone, but if you drop one in a forest, you’ll want to find it again.

Elsewhere on this forum I suggested brightly colored plastic back covers for the L5 (as well as transparant ones, and rubber coated ones). They could do the same for the L5. :wink: