Librem 5 v2 spec-ulation


No, power is proportional to frequency squared.


Then I must be misunderstanding your equation 15.92 above.


Sorry folks, I was going by memory, and well… I got things backwards. Power is proportional to frequency and proportional to voltage squared, not the other way around.

Also, this is only useful for eyeballing, as it’s based on a very simple model: a CMOS circuit is basically a capacitor that gets recharged at the switching frequency. In reality, stuff happens and it gets complicated.

According to the simple model, power is the product of voltage and current. Current, in turn, is proportional to frequency and voltage (I = C∙U∙f). I.e. P = U∙U∙f∙constant .

I have edited my reply above to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion.