Librem 5 v2 spec-ulation


Modern Android aggressively kills applications in the background. Android apps have to be designed around this paradigm: That is the app can be killed at any moment when in the background, and must be able to seamlessly restart and pick up where things were left off

OK that makes a certain degree of sense and explains some things I’ve seen.

However–android really ought to remove the thing from the task list if the process has been killed. It certainly gives me the wrong impression as to what is going on. I’m left wondering why, if Firefox has been running, why it has to reload the damned page! (Which is excruciatingly slow 90% of the time.) It’s a lose-lose for Firefox that way (I complain that it won’t quit and I complain that it thinks it has to reload the pages, when in fact it DID quit, which would be a good thing, and therefore MUST reload the page, which is understandable at that point). What makes that even worse is that Firefox is one of the very few things I deliberately leave up, just so this doesn’t have to happen (and yet it does anyway!)

I have no idea if this is feasible, but for Firefox the ideal might be to have it stay resident, but have its access to the antenna be cut off while it is “minimized” (not the top process). That way a page like one on Wikipedia or anything that doesn’t do a lot of donkeying around with constantly hitting the internet to run movies of dancing kittens (or whatever the heck) while just being looked at doesn’t need reloading.


Every inactive tab can be paused.
Every minimized app can also be paused, but it’s not even necessary.
Native apps can just be made well-behaving.
Flatpaks over which you don’t have control could be paused.


Appreciate the specs, but it’s worth highlighting WiFI 6 branding is done by the Wi-Fi Alliance. While Intel is a sponsor, a whole slew of other semiconductor and tech companies are member companies like Qualcomm and Linksys


speculation and feature trolling warning !!!

the Librem 5 v2 (2021+) is going to have a magnetic decoupling system for the usb type C connector similar to the Apple mag-safe that prevents accidental tripping and forceful-projection of your expensive-brand-new L5 v2 through the window while your children play around while you are in convergence mode trolling the forums like a bo$$ …


Well, not the right patent, but they have other magnetic plugs covered by other patents.


Close - but not quite!

The magnetic thing you may have seen in the librem 5v2 was the tinfoil suit connection. The librem 5 allows you to wear the tinfoil suit while using your phone from the outside transmitting you the sound via vibration.



They still use RAM, but the SIGSTOP and SIGCONT signals do exactly this for programs on Linux, completelly freezing the program to be re-started later in exactly the same state. I have used it to pause renders before, at least until I found the undocumented button in BlendLuxCore to pause renders natively.


Also, these stopped programs would probably move to swap memory very quickly if it was needed, given that while they are stopped they are not doing anything.