List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Blueman works perfectly with Bluetooth devices; pair, connect/disconnect, profile settting, etc.
$ sudo apt install blueman

Set scale to 150% and use it horizontally.


Does press and hold to right-click actually work for you? My experience is not that positive.

GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is front-end for gpg, it stores PGP keys, encrypts/decrypts, signing and verifying. Use it in addition to Seahorse and console’s gpg.
$ sudo apt install gpa

Set scale to 150% and use it horizontally.


No. Should the long pressing open context menu or something? (I have no idea how to emulate right-click using touch screen.)

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Although really, as long as there is some gesture that emulates right-click then that is good enough.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program

sudo apt-get install gimp

It will require ~143MB

it got installed

The icon appears in the bottom left of this screenshot

After starting you see it requires scaling (from 200% to 100%)

Without a mouse I could change the color of this icon

Into this

I didn’t do further things yet. But it is functional to my use cases.

I Forgot !!
Gimp version installed 2.10.22

There is an update from 11-04-2023

I’ll stay some days with the previous version.

Pd. figured out how to upload screenshots in this post. :smile:


I installed Gimp months ago. It … kinda works. But it has no small screen support and no touch support. You need to touch scroll bars to scroll instead of common swiping the list. Menus can get unreachable out of border without enough space.

But the worst thing is the Phosh bug that hits Gimp very hard: loosing touch input focus by using different windows. And Gimp uses a lot of different windows (for example you want to shade color or using any other filter. You easily can get stucked without being able to minimize app etc (you need to do it with screen off and on trick).

You also need a physical keyboard or a special Squeekboard layout to put main window and filter window together on screen (only possible in landscape mode). Otherwise you edit filters in a blind way.

I tried out to edit holiday pictures directly after I shot them. The purpose was to test if I’m able to improve the quality on fly. The main issue: on different environments (like outside under the sun) it’s nearly impossible to match the correct colors. It’s may better, but still 100 times worse than editing it at home via convergence mode.

You also have to set the device to 100%, because the compositor settings in mobile settings app does not work for Gimp (I don’t know why - works for other applications).


What about MyPaint? It is showcased on the Librem 11.

I did not test it. If you’re interested, why not trying out and share your experience?

Gimp was chosen for 2 reasons. 1) I used it for a decade on desktop and love it (with ups and downs) and 2) I wanted to test how a real desktop app is doing on Librem 5 (including calculation power which is good enough!).
There is no real need for such apps in my use-cases, since I’m doing things more efficient on tower.

Edit: For convergence it’s definitely an option.


MyPaint partially works using Mobile Settings. The top toolbar responds to input, but the one below that with icons does not. The OSK works fine. Drawing does not seem to work.

The reason why I do not contribute to this thread is because I prefer keeping PureOS untampered, which means I always reflash the Librem 5 USA after.

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To add a screenshot of what I am speaking about:

Otherwise the right window will cover the whole screen and you don’t see your edits before pushing the OK-button. All done via touch screen, but it’s also bit imprecise (especially the select tool).


dconf Editor (flatpak):

EDIT: BTW, that last pic is from desktop, just because I wanted to capture the entire page in the screenshot. It’s the same on L5, but I would have had to shrink the scale down to fit it all in one shot.


Here’s one I know people will love: Butler, a HomeAssistant GUI. Scales perfectly from what I’ve seen to mobile, developer has not yet marked it as mobile friendly, but they clearly developed it to work well with mobile Linux.


Also, I couldn’t find any reference to the Kodi Remote mentioned in the top post here, or as any complied binary/flatpak. Is it one of these?

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Search “kodi” and limit the search to this thread; then you’ll see it.

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Ah I was using the browser Ctrl-F, thinking that the whole thread loaded when I scrolled to the bottom. Thanks!


Terminal app for running AI-models: (see: How-to: Installing AI to L5 and running it locally offline)


QModMaster on the left is a Modbus protocol test tool. PicPlanner on the right can be used to plan that perfect picture but I tend to use it for knowing the moon and sun positions, max angle expected and when, etc.

QModMaster I did have to shorten a couple of labels and reduce the forms max allowed size but that was about it. Isn’t it awesome to have access to the source code.


Ptyxis, formally known as GNOME Prompt:

Requires the GNOME Nightly flatpak remote repository:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists gnome-nightly
flatpak install gnome-nightly org.gnome.Ptyxis.Devel

Not listed as mobile-friendly in the App Drawer, so toggle the Show All Apps button.

Supports multiple tabs/windows, various themes, etc. Also briefly showcased in the Accessible Squeekboard Terminal Layout thread:

This is only a web app, but it provides a way to display the positions of satellites in real time, including those used for navigation, as well as other sky/space objects and spacecraft.

Select objects to display, with or without labels:


  • World map
  • Satellites above your horizon
  • 3D globe
  • Planetarium view
  • Search overhead passes

3D Globe view:

World Map view:

For all views, you can zoom in or out, pan in all directions, check objects at any location in the world at any given moment, and by specific date and time.

(Lots of other interesting sky-maps there, too.)