Looking for a word processor

There a quite a few text editors and word processors out there. But I haven’t found one that works well on the L5.

No doubt LibreWriter will do a nice job on a big screen through a hub, but it is complete shite when you try to use it on the L5 itself. Same goes for all the others: they are unusable on the L5.
Of course there are editors like gedit and TextEditor, and others. They work well on the small screen, for sure. But they don’t know how to handle rtf’s, docx’s or odt’s.

So, I have a simple query: is there a word processor out there that can handle a good selection of file formats, is not too heavy on the resources, and works well on the L5 itself?

@flanders51 reported using Abiword via the compositor of phosh Mobile Settings app: Librem 5 Word Processing

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Your inquiry tempted me to try LyX on my Librem 5, and to my surprise, it is mobile ready! Lines are wrapped to window size, and the tool bars are ended with indicators of more options you can touch to get a drop down menu of the other entries.

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Could you post a couple of sceenshots of LyX at List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]?

Yes. I was just looking for that link. :slight_smile:

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I’ll update the top OP once you’re done. Thanks!

EDIT: See screenshots at: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

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Done. Learned that you can’t upload pictures here via Gnome Web on L5 and the show preview doesn’t work in Firefox on L5.

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That did not work for me. Lots of screen flickering and stuff.
Did not bode well.
I also tried FocusWriter - a favourite of mine on both Windows and Ubuntu. Alas, it didn’t render docx’s or odt’s well.

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I will, check that out immediately…

Wait, that is LaTeX. Dows that work as a regular word processor too?

This is great. I will try it out when I get my Librem 5 back. Had to get the cellular antennas repaired. I was using LibreOffice before though. It worked well but didn’t do text wrapping.

It is a WYSIWYG-like editor for LaTeX. You need to periodically run the document through one of the integrated viewers (DVI, PDF, HTML, EPS…) to see how it will look, but other than that it functions much like a word processor.

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What is the download size it consumes the installation of LyX on Librem5?

On Pureos Softare Center download size is: 8.2mb
But running on terminal

sudo apt install LyX

it says>
Afther this operation, 651mb of additional disk space will be used.

It’s pulling in a suite of LaTeX dependencies which consume an enormous amount of disk space. The same applies if you were to install a different LaTeX editor, asciidoc, etc.

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