My L5 arrived (15!)

And when did you order it?


It’s an Evergreen, ordered Oct 2017.


October 3, 2017, to be exact: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping



The fix for that didn’t make it into the shipping image, but it should be already available as an update :wink: (it’s part of the kernel version 5.13.16pureos1, which can be checked with dpkg -l linux-image-librem5)

You can get GPS to work by installing gnss-share package, although be aware that it still has some rough edges to fix which is why it’s not installed by default yet. And it likely knows about Germany because of the GSM network.


I remember from the libhandy demos that those bars actually go to the bottom when shrinking.
(Second video here)
So, either those apps are not fully adapted or it’s just not always the case? :thinking:


The raw GNSS hardware seems to work but the integration with the rest of the system is probably lacking. However you need to spend some one-off time outside in order to download the ephemeris from the satellites: Librem 5 GPS/Location Tracking

There could be lots of answers:

  • from the details of the mobile carrier that you connected to
  • from the (public) IP address that you have
  • from any visible WiFi networks

you will find out soon :wink:

Have fun discovering the system! :slight_smile:

about the location issue:

  • there is no sim in the L5 for now, so no GSM network to d etect location
  • i use a VPN which isnt terminated in Hamburg
  • we do not have that much wifi here, especially none that maps to hamburg

i wonder what methods are left. and i would assume we can find out deterministically on an L5 which is an open device. guessing should be ended, i do so with my android alot. :wink:

some more findings:

  • after installing gnss-share the maps program locates me in asia

  • i did not find matrix chat while that was discussed :frowning:
  • i found apache installed but not running - is this just an artefact or does it serve any function?

apt-cache --installed rdepends apache2-bin - or for any other package if you put the name in place of apache2-bin

It might be this:

Is software able to poll available carrier signals and derive locations based on that? Are you in fact based in Germany?

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Mine also thought I was in China first, before the first GPS fix which required being outdoors with lots of sky visible, for something like 15 minutes. After that, I was suddenly in Sweden. :slight_smile:

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that sounds like there is no AGPS to retrieve the satelite data :frowning:

as far as i know, yes :wink:

i dont assume the device uses signals, especially not GSM because there is no SIM in my L5. i assume it’s in fact some settings but i wonder why hamburg and not berlin is used.

On my pinephone I use mirage and nheko. Both have e2ee implemented (most important feature for me as all my chats are e2ee).

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A phone without a SIM can still make emergency calls and most certainly is still capable of receiving mobile signals about available mobile networks (unless you have used the kill switch to kill the cellular modem).

So regarding WiFi, you are saying that you don’t have a wireless router or access point and none of your neighbours who are within receiving range of your Librem 5 has a wireless router or access point? (If you live in an urban area, that would be surprising.)

That is not to assert that the Librem 5 actually uses either approach, only that they are theoretically possible under the right conditions.

You could use the kill switches selectively to probe for how the phone is establishing your location.

no, not in germany, due to the many fake calls this feature was forbidden by regulations. anyway: funny that we start wild guessing when we look at a device that is considered open.

so stop guessing: i looked with dbus-monitor --system what happens. found that a “GeoClue2” sends a location. found a process running with that name. found a config file /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf which has wifi enabled but doesnt send wifi data (mac i assume). the URL is which gives a location - probably by IP. so the IP is listed in mozilla in hamburg where the error lies.

i love open phones! :smiley:


Yeah, that’s one of the above mentioned rough edges. Once GPS is enabled, Geoclue seems to often prefer using stale/invalid GPS data over valid but less precise GeoIP/WiFi/GSM positioning. You would have to put the phone with a good view on the sky for some 15 minutes and it should then get a fix[1]. Subsequent attempts should be much quicker, as ephemeris and almanac data gets stored so AGPS will be able to kick in.

[1] At least the GPS chip should get it - whether Geoclue would actually show it depends on some other rough edges :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont understand that sentence. the 15min are needed to read that data from the sats and AGPS would speed up this by downloading it via internet connection instead. how does AGPS “kick in” after reading? and: does the L5 have AGPS function (i dont know of any open source project supporting that)?

Ephemeris and almanac data gets stored after downloading, so subsequent uses of GPS are faster even after fully power cycling the device (although ephemeris gets out of date fast, so it’s mostly almanac that matters there as it’s valid for months). You could also download that data externally from some source and it would be used as well, but nothing does it automatically so far.

Could you please share when you got the the shipment mail with the DHL tracking code, i.e. how many days it took within DHL.


Out of interest how do Android/iOS device work around this? (Or do they also have a 15 min initial load time to get a location fix and I’ve just never noticed?). Could Almanac data be pre-loaded before shipping?