Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

One of the very few here who take patience is a virtue for real. I like that, I wish you the very best while waiting for Fir (which is no real waiting because you don’t actively wait) and stay healthy. :slight_smile:


My Phone arrived on 2020-12-11 (was send to germany, so it took some time)
Order date: 2017 -09-15
(I was in dogwood, due hardware problems in Dogwood I moved to Evergreen)


This sounds promising. My order is from October 7, 2017 (i.e. three weeks later) and I’m in Germany as well. Though, until now I didn’t received the mail asking for address confirmation, etc.


Same, but October 14th. Let’s see who’ll get it first :slight_smile:

Edit: note, however, that (for the two of us) they need to ship about 3-4 times as many phones as have probably arrived so far. Hopefully, it speeds up a bit, soon.


So it took them about 9 days to ship 555-158~=400 phones. From 12/02 to 12/11. If this estimate is approximately correct and their shipping pace stays the same, it will take 22 days to ship 1000 phones. I am at about 2300 so it should take 50 days starting from 12/02. This should bring me to end of January to beginning of February. I can’t wait anymore :upside_down_face:


Strange, that someone not employed by Purism has to work on that. I would expect a company putting “Open” on their agenda transparently communicates that information. I orderer October 3, 2017, hey Purism, what’s the expected delivery date? Where do you stay?


In case you missed it:

This thread is mostly for those who

  • can’t wait for the official estimates in January
  • don’t trust there will actually be estimates in January :wink:
  • still have a dim hope to receive theirs before the end of January :grimacing:

I think its not correct. My dates are the same as 5a54a. (shipping confirmation mail from purism and shipping arrival date)
So you have no idea how fast they proceed or how many devices get send per day. Sorry for that. :upside_down_face:

Does you device says anything on the device or in the paperware about FCC ID or the like?

You’re right and in fact i took the wrong formulation when i asked about estimation. Some facts are what i’m looking for, so not the delivery date for my device but the state of delivery at Purism. Just out of curiousity. What’s going on in the company?

Does you device says anything on the device or in the paperware about FCC ID or the like?

There isnt certification yet, see Librem 5 FCC Certification for more discussion.

Users that posted threads over reciveing theirs (such as Amarok) havent said anything about enclosed paperwork showing it as far as I’m aware.

There was a general undertone of these early devices being slow to go out while Purism works on certification but thats just conjecture since no one but Purism knows.


That comes from:

The box has both the FCC and CE markings.

Last night, a team of jackbooted FCC thugs pounded on my door and demanded to see my Librem 5, but I didn’t let them in.


Thanks Amarok, knew there was more but spaced on the location!

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Sorry, where did you get this data from?? I haven’t seen any concrete numbers anywhere.

As an outsider looking in … the state of delivery is good. There is a steady trickle of posts in this forum from people confirming delivery. It is no longer just one or two phones in the entirety of forumland. On the other hand, if you look at the “high-water mark” for “order date” for those who have already received a phone it is still around September 2017, so definitely an exercise in patience. On the third hand, with your order date (October 3), the first email (address and modem confirmation) can’t be far away. On the fourth hand, there’s Xmas/New Year in the way, and that may slow things down.

As already quoted

We do hope to actually provide everyone who hasn’t yet received their Librem 5 a shipping estimate some time in January

so I guess you will have something solid to go on in January if you have not by then received the first email. When they produce such an estimate, that will be a further indication of the good state of the delivery process.

It was made up. :wink: This topic is the official topic for speculation i.e. outside of any actual facts provided by Purism. Enjoy it but take with a grain of salt.


From the top of this thread.

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I see what you are saying. Though I really doubt that number is anywhere close. You have to keep in mind all the people that opted for a dev batch, or withdrew their spot in line, or asked for a refund. There’s no way over 500 phones have been sent out.

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If you are right, then it is even worse. I should expect the phone in April…

But what makes you think that the people that withdrew or got the dev board are not more-or-less uniformely distributed and are concentrated in the first segment? If the distribution of those people is about uniform then I am right.

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Where’s the science behind that bold statement?
True, the dev batches have to be subtracted.
But he actually did subtract 158, for a different reason, but that might be close to the number of sent out early batches. (No Aspen, 50 Birch, Chestnut, Dogwood?)
Given the amount of people who reported for each batch, that seems plausible.
Anyway, as a total number of all batches, the 555 are valid. Also keep in mind that the number reflects received units, which inevitably is always lower than the number of sent units.

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If there’s one thing in general that we can learn here, it’s that if you believe in a product and the ability of the company behind it to eventually deliver, then back it early and help get it to market. In doing so, you will also secure an earlier spot in the queue.

We can probably all agree on that point.