My L5 arrived (15!)

Could you please share when you got the the shipment mail with the DHL tracking code, i.e. how many days it took within DHL.


Out of interest how do Android/iOS device work around this? (Or do they also have a 15 min initial load time to get a location fix and I’ve just never noticed?). Could Almanac data be pre-loaded before shipping?

These days most devices download almanac and ephemeris over the Internet from proprietary services (and our GPS module supports that as well).

Congratulations! I’d love to get my devices to do what you seem to feel is broken. I just hate web sites and main SMIRCers that force me to things local to where I live. They forget - It is, or was, the WORLD-WIDE web, not the Local-Nearby-Web!
So if what ever your L5 does to mess up your real location, I’d take that as a bonus and would love to know how to duplicate it. Be it a A.I., or Bubba’s website, it’s no one’s business where I am.



Bonus that the thing that powers mapping doesn’t know where you are? - you recall how apple maps fucked up and got people lost in desserts?

Yes it’s a bonus if a device isn’t reporting where I am and where and I want to go.
No, I don’t remember and don’t care what Apple does to it’s end users; that would be the problem of those that bought their leash. I have always known where I am and don’t need a binary bit byter telling me and it’s SMIRCers any different.

Thanks for the tip because I can think of a lot of people that need to be dropped off in the dessert. Now I can recommend they get a Apple.


Plus one! Hate it. Wish there was a “None of your fucking business” button when they ask me about my location.

Hahah, nice. :slight_smile:

The one with “Your order Purism_3849788542 is ready for shipping!” arrived September 17, 2021 15:23. The phone reached me the day i started this thread.

it does not mess up my real location, it just doesnt know about it because satelite isn’t considered beacuse a daemon for that is not preinstalled. with that my location could be accurate without telling anybody (gnss satelites are read-only devices).

point is: the L5 leaks information to mozilla. without question me. that is absolutly NOT what i expect from a libre phone.

on top of that the maps app is requiring internet connection an will tell where i am another party (where it downloads the tiles from by the location of the tiles). as well undiserable.

Could you add your dates to the thread Estimate your Librem 5 shipping ? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have no clue how that thread works. maybe you can help? thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

my order was confirmed by purism October 3, 2017
my address/modem was confirmation April 30, 2021
the shipping was anounced September 17, 2021
the phone arrived September 22, 2021

can you point out how that can be done? it sounds as if you do that already, maybe you have a script or such?

my L5 doesnt get a fix here, even laying around under free sky for longer than 20min.

i still dont understand your sentence “AGPS will be able to kick” because there is no AGPS on the L5 as i understand (you say “nothing does it automatically”).

As far as I can see, you add a post with your order-relevant dates

order date: October 3, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail: ???
tracking number mail: September 17, 2021
arrival date: September 22, 2021

and the people keeping up the records (I guess @jonsger, and @spaetz who is doing a graphical version) will update the relevant table. As it shines through, I am interested in the advancement of the queue by Purism :slight_smile:

We don’t have any source of that data yet. Where on the Earth are you, if you don’t mind sharing that? (country, or at least hemisphere) - if you’re somewhat near me I could grab the data with my GPS module and tell you how to load them.

The module supports various AGPS modes, but something needs to provide it the correct data before it can actually speed the fix up. Almanac gets downloaded from the satelites by the module on its own and is valid for some time, so subsequent fixes can be faster even if nothing provides it externally (it takes several minutes though, which is why the first AGPS-less fix takes so long).


Edit /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf to fix that. Once GNSS is fully working out-of-the-box, I would hope that Purism would ship the default configuration as getting the location from GNSS and not via Mozilla.

Can you elaborate on how you established that? Because this functionality isn’t ready for prime time (my opinion), it isn’t very user friendly to verify that you have got that initial fix, as far as I can tell.

LineageOS uses to retrieve that information.

i am near hannover, germany

but i assume that after a while your device should have all data, worldwide. or am i wrong?

which doesnt solve the problem, my data is already gone and i cannot access mozilla to delete it. i dont expect this behaviour from a Purism product.

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If Mozilla gave you a result (valid approximate location) then maybe your data had already gone long before the Librem 5 arrived.

So it took your wireless access point’s MAC address, or any visible MAC address from any one of your neighbours, and sent that to Mozilla and Mozilla gave a location back, which it must already have known i.e. the location associated with that MAC address - since by your own statements there was no SIM, the IP address was obscured by a VPN and GNSS is not working yet i.e. no other means of determining the location (and hence no way to report it to Mozilla either).

You can try to maintain your own privacy but you can’t force your neighbours to care about privacy.

So the only way to manage that is either a) enough shielding so that you can’t receive a signal from the wireless access point of any neighbour, or b) to be far enough away from your neighbours.

Even someone who visits your house and carries a spyphone (Google or Apple) and runs an appropriate app can compromise the location of your WAP. Do you check all your visitors and ask them to leave their mobile phone in a shielded box?

According to Wikipedia, Mozilla has 1450 million WiFi networks in its database. Yours or that of one of your neighbours may already have been in that database.

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that is not the point. i dont want my libre phone to send data to anywhere without my consent.

i expected the l5 comes in a configuration honoring that. but that isnt the case (yet).