[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)


You didn’t, thanks for saying that :slight_smile: Maybe with one comment: the phone will stop drawing power automatically once the voltage drops below a certain threshold, and setting a high value won’t necessarily mean that it will draw that much power (it’s just the maximum limit), so with well-behaving chargers it shouldn’t really be dangerous. However, keep in mind that not all chargers are well-behaving.

Let me stress the importance of another warning though:

i2cset is a low level tool that allows you to directly set certain hardware registers. Always make sure you have typed the arguments correctly since you may be one typo away from breaking your hardware. When it doubt, consult the datasheet.


The charging ability of a device is a pair of values: voltage and current. So your device might have the rating of 5V and 2A. This will be noted as sth like 5V·2A or 5V, 2A, or 5V@2A. But I’ve never seen “5V == 2A”, and let no one be fooled that there’s any kind of equality there :stuck_out_tongue:


You are thinking to much like a low level developper ! :smiley:
I used == because my lazy ass didn’t looked for the DC symbol Unicode character
So by (5V == 2A) I meant (5V ⎓ 2A)
I’ll edit my post :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, I’m thinking about all the people without much physics knowledge that might come here and misinterpret the mental shortcuts those more experienced take. Thanks for updating!


can you find the app ‘Metadata Cleaner’ on the L5 store ?
just noticed this GUI-front-end on PureOS-10-Byzantium store today and wondered if it’s on L5 as well.

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But only more is preinstalled :slight_smile:

on the desktop PureOS less comes preinstalled :stuck_out_tongue:

so less is more :wink:

I never knew how much typing “less” is ingrained in my muscle memory. I am very close to installing it on my L5 :).

Where can I by merchandise with this sentence?

If you are only worried about typing then use alias ?

THat what I do with vim on barebone dockers. less is more or less sortable but vim is a beatch.

I am looking for some solutions on these issues:

Is it possible for L5 to get network access though USB-C connected to a L13 that has ethernet connection(with extra ethernet adapter)?

If not, is it possible to connect L5 from its USB-C to standard USB eth adapters and have network working through this instead of wifi?

Has anyone succeeded in changing the black background to a personal image? Is it possible somehow to change the blue abstract background one sees when waiting for an app to launch?

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it’d be nice if you could take a simple usb-C (3.0 or more speed) 10/100/1000 external NIC with just one RJ-45 port on the other end and simply plug an ethernet cable coming from the router/switch/gateway/AP/etc./what-have-you, directly in and have internet connectivity like on a desktop …

I think that should work. It does for a pinephone with the USB C dock that comes with the convergence model (which has other ports). There are numerous USB C ethernet adapters in the wild.


Yes. The phone shows up as a ethernet device, so you can configure connection sharing with NetworkManager in the regular way.

Yep, works for me.


yes, but we need Purism to have one in the shop so people can buy it with their L5 purchase and have them shipped together …

each NIC carries a unique MAC address so that would potentially help with fingerprinting … one could easily set-up multiple NIC-personas with multiple NIC external adapters this way … for convergence mode we ofc need MORE (such as a complete docking-station with usb-hub).

i would prefer it if the docking-station/hub did NOT incorporate an internal NIC … that way you could do what i described in the second paragraph.


If the docking station has a USB C data port (not plug) you can plug in your alternate adapter there. Even if not, one or more of your alternate adapters can be USB 3 type A. There is no downside to the dock having an ethernet port.

perhaps, but if i’m going to cycle between multiple NIC-external adapters (some usb-A, others usb-C) then having an internal one seems redundant and more costly to produce …

Yes! The image file that phosh uses is at /usr/share/librem5/default-theme/adwaita-phone.jpg and if you replace that with your own jpg file it will use that, rescaled to fill the screen:

sudo cp myimage.jpg /usr/share/librem5/default-theme/adwaita-phone.jpg

Mine looks like this now (using image from https://www.fsf.org/resources/badges converted to jpg): :slight_smile: