[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

Pretty sure no update has been pushed out for the modem software yet, and this SIM is not my primary one so I haven’t been calling, but since you asked, I did another test call (to my other phone). L5 caller still sounds slightly muffled, but not like your head is wrapped in a blanket or anything. Is it usable for calls? Yeah, if you don’t mind subjecting your friends, family, and associates to poorer call quality. I’d give the quality maybe a 5 out of 10 right now, with 10 being crystal clear and 1 being “Huh? What… can you…say that again…What???”

I also took this opportunity to test the loudspeaker during a call, and it works, but the volume seems a little lower than it should be. I clicked the volume key a few times and noticed that the clicks transmit to the other end as electronic static (on speaker and off speaker), which I hadn’t noticed before. In general the connection is kind of noisy at the moment.

Maybe @mattnewport could share his impressions here.


What about the over-amplification and manual sound adjustments to the mic & speakers?

I know on the Pinephone, you can adjust handset speaker, loudspeaker, and the mic output as different devices as you would in GNOME


Good thinking…
Yes, that solved the speaker volume level thing.


Glad it helped. As you have an L5, you’re somewhat of guinea pig to the rest of us.

[wheek wheek wheek wheek]


Glad we have a sense of humor here :slight_smile:

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I think if us Linux geeks were all more lighthearted, I think the community would feel more welcoming to newbies.


@dcz Is a CapsLock setting planned for the keyboard?

I have another question: How is the SD card mounted? Is it auto mounted and where is the mount point?

P.S.: Can it be mounted manually?

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Does this help?

Files app (nemo)

Disks app

P.S. This card contains some old Android-related stuff.


Thx. That was quick. :slight_smile:

You could run mount on console and post the output here. There we should see the mount points. Output of df would be interesting. I think df -h would be with human readable output of data volumes.

I’m a novice on that one. Can you just tell me the exact command to run?


mount -l | grep mmc

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Sure. :slight_smile:

So I think there is a app called “Terminal” in your app launcher. Open it. Then you see a black background and some “prompt” meaning there is the name of the system / device and something like “:~$” followed by a cursor. This means you can now input command. You could start a program just by typing its name and hit enter. Do you feel the DOS nostalgia? :smiley:

Exercise 1
So now type “mount” and hit enter. If the keyboard is hidden there should be a button to unhide in some corner.

Mount is a program to bind file systems e.g. like those on external storage devices into your systems root file system. So your system has already a file system and with mount you can say: “I want to access my USB drive through directory XY.” When you run mount without parameters it will not change anything but out s list of mounted devices or partitions and the directories where they can be accessed.

Sometimes you can pass arguements / parameters to a program. E.g. you could run firefox http://puri.sm which would startup Firefox which opens the given URL.

Exercise 2
Now type “df -h” and hit enter.

Df is a program that outputs a table of file systems, they size, occupied and free space. I don’t know what the abbreviation stands for. The parameter “-h” should tell df the shorten storage sizes by orders of magnitude. Without it df prints bytes unstressed of gigabytes and so on.

If you like to know what a program does you can look into its man page by running “man program-name”. You can scroll with cursor buttons and remember to quit by pressing q.

Can you run them and copy paste the output here?


Interesting … but something doesn’t look right with that. I think I may have guessed wrong with the device name.

Thanks for all that. Stand by…
P.S. I know what the Terminal is, but this will help newbies newer than me. :rofl:


I think I managed to grab all of this. It’s EXTREMELY difficult to scroll SLOWLY through the terminal. You touch the output and it flies by paragraphs at a time.


disk free?

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