[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

The hardware should be functional, but the drivers aren’t complete yet.


2.7. How good will the Librem 5 cameras be?


What is the main contributor to the weight of phone?
Is it the battery that makes it heavy?

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The bigger battery probably added most of the extra weight over Dogwood. Birch and Chestnut with a 2000 mAh battery weighed 230 grams. Dogwood with a 3600 mAh battery weighed 240 g. and its battery weighed 62 g. I’m guessing that the bigger 4500 mAh battery added 15 extra grams to Evergreen, and the 3mm longer case added 9 extra grams.

If @amarok weighs the Evergreen battery for us, we can check those guesses.


I’ll try to organize it when I get a chance. Or maybe someone will beat me to it.

The battery weighs 2.8 ounces (78 grams).


There’s no pre-installed camera app yet.


Thanks Mladen, that’s awesome. I downloaded it from the store, and used it in landscape mode to change everything to dark. Super easy. I’ll figure out how to use Kyle’s script later.


Shucks, I was off by 1 gram. OK, the battery in Evergreen added 16 extra grams and the longer case added 8 extra grams.

@amarok, I’m updating the FAQ and need a bit of info.

The Birch batch had a USB-C Power Delivery charger that supported up to 5Vx3A (15W), 9Vx2A (18W) and 12Vx1.5A (18W). Is the charger the same in Evergreen?

Can you measure Evergreen and confirm that its dimensions are 153 x 75 x 15.5 mm?


This is exactly one month before my backer date, so there is hope and light visible at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:


:metro: :grin:

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Hopefully the light isn’t an incoming train…

I’m in California as well (Purism is based in San Fransisco), we’re likely getting shut down again between now and thanksgiving because no one will wear a mask sooooo it would really suck if all these years of developing a phone lead up to them being ready to ship but being shut down…although iirc manufacturing is fine because everyone can wear a mask, so hopefully we can still get our essential Linux phones…the tl;dr is to wear a damn mask :mask:


That was included in the “Not many” part :wink:

MMS is still being worked on:

That is an issue with GNOME Software on Debian based installs, firefox-esr shows as the old icewaesel

From the command line install the packages: firefox-esr and firefox-esr-mobile-config the last one includes tweaks to make firefox fit better in a mobile screen.

At the moment we are missing an image viewer that is adaptive.

File manager: you can install nautilus (which is not adaptive yet) and scale it to fit the screen, not the same as adaptive, but it helps. To do that, download this script: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/phoc/-/blob/master/helpers/scale-to-fit

And from the directory where the script is run: scale-to-fit org.gnome.nautilus on and it should look like this:

If you want to take screenshots, you can install from the command line the package: librem5-goodies it contains the application that @Kyle_Rankin made to take screenshots. After install it will show in the app tray as: Screen Shot


Also about scaling the screen: if you install the package librem5-goodies Kyle’s script to scale the screen is also there.


You can also just add this to .profile:

export GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark

yes, you can also just use gsettings and do: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme “Adwaita-dark”


Why did you do that? Why root access must be locked? So many years on Linux systems I am used to su. Why should I get used to something else? Can one bring root access back?


So PureOS is not shipping the Gnome 3.38 release version of eog, which from my testing on the PinePhone scales perfectly?

WRT to scaling, this blog post of mine might be generally helpful: https://linmob.net/2020/07/27/pinephone-daily-driver-challenge-part2-flatpak-and-scaling-in-phosh.html#manual-scaling-in-phosh

And while I am at shameless self promotion, check out this app list (and please, if you can, do contribute):

Super looking forward to receiving my Librem 5, but given I backed it on October 23rd 2017 I guess I am going to have to wait a while.


The pureOS version on the Librem 5 is based in Debian stable, with an overlay layer for some packages. There are some packages that will be fast forwarded. And soon it will be based in GNOME 3.38