[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)


I’m waiting for mine, super excited!I ordered August 2nd of last year. Will I get mine before January at least?

I wonder if you can just install the megapixels deb package…

Thanks! If anyone else is interested: I contributed to the campaign on September 27th, 2017, and I haven’t received the email yet.

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Yeah, the only implication of the default setting for me was that I had to unlearn sudo su and start using sudo -s :smiley:

Have you checked the web archive for a snapshot on or near that date? You can see how many backers there already were as of then.

January 2021 ?
What makes you sure about that?

I’m usually doing sudo -i as it inits root profile (like su - )

He wasn’t saying that he was getting his before Jan. He was asking and hoping that was the case.


This is probably beyond the scope of this forum, this thread, and this post, but…

If you didn’t reactivate root access, how would that impact the user experience? A lot of things I’ve installed required root to be properly installed, etc.

Can Linux be used without root access and still allow one to customize and install stuff?

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More observations:
RAM used: 31% (981MB of 2.1GB) - I’ve installed a few applications myself.
vpu-thermal: 37.00 degrees C
gpu-thermal: 37.00 degrees C
cpu-thermal: 37.00 degrees C
max170xx_battery: 33.40 degrees C
(Not running anything; phone is mostly idle.)

Phone charges slowly - more like a laptop than what we’re used to with phones. Can take hours, depending on the start level.

I’ve noticed that sudo actions in terminal don’t ask for a password.

New software update available today.

Edit: RAM used down to 25% (772MB of 2.3GB) after software update.
“System” shows 220MB used.
Total Capacity 30.2GB. Available: 27.6GB.

Edit2: After updates are installed, see blue notification LED, and list of the newly installed packages can be reviewed.


Hey, me too! I wonder if we’ll get that cool thank you card from Todd :thinking:

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Those of us surviving on rooted Androids my be forgiven for forgetting, but yeah, rooting a phone is a real and exploitable security risk for users. I think the point here is that because PureOS is not trying to restrict you from doing anything with your phone during normal operation, or force you to accept spyware by default, there is far less need for you to walk around with a less-secure rooted device on a regular basis…

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That’s exactly the reason I’ve asked whether it is meant that root’s password is locked rather than root’s account. UID 0 is sacred in linux, init runs under UID 0 and forks and setuids all other processes. You cannot disable this account without modifying kernel and libs (I’d imagine many have uid 0 handled separately and explicitly).

Password lock has zero impact on OS functionality, only on user (or should we say - admin?) experience.

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Krzyszkowiak also reports that charging in the Librem 5 is currently limited to 0.5 amps, so current charging is limited to 5Vx0.5A (2.5W), 9Vx0.5A (4.5W) and 12Vx0.5A (6W), but the code to vary the amperage is waiting to be accepted upstream, so that should be solved soon.

From here:

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I’ m recommending that the root conversation be moved to its own thread as it may continue on for some time as it seems interesting.

Same to the deliberations of “when” and the meaning of time (there are several thread already for that).

Please practice some thread hygiene :wink:

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Incidentally, @guru, I checked the wayback machine, and the campaign was at ~85% on our day.

Like @ruff said, only the root password is locked, meaning no one can log in as root. Things like sudo work as expected and rootful things (like apt update/upgrade) can still be done. I even think sudo su - works with the root password locked, so it’s not really restricting too much and can be easily removed by those who want to.

Feel free to move this to a new thread, didn’t see @JR-Fi’s comment until I finished writing :slight_smile:


For sure on topic separation. Would be nice I think.

I didn’t even know that you could disable login into the root account, but still use sudo normally. I have NEVER logged into root except when SSH’ing into a few servers of mine.

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Fastest way is that one of you just starts a new thread and recaps what’s necessary from here…