New Librem 14 will not power on

Take it easy, you still can reflash the EC chip externally…then i hope you get fixed your L14.

Ok, but unfortunately, I don’t happen to have this equipment laying around… or a second PureOS laptop.

To get going, you’ll need:

  • CH341A spi chip programmer (Supplying 3.3v)
  • SOIC8 clip (Often sold together with the programmer.)
  • Screwdriver (To open the Librem 14)
  • Separate PureOS or Debian computer (As your Librem 14 will be offline for the upgrade)

@YellowLabs I’m watching this issue as I’ve just got my new L14 and concerned this might happen to me too. I’m sure I’m not the only one curious about your situation and it sounds like you already opened a support request. When they respond, can you update us all here on how or whether this gets resolved for you? :heart:

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@m23 Will do… After doing battery and cmos disconnects to no avail, I had requested they get a replacement. I’m supposed to hear back from support for next steps today.


I’m in the same boat here. I don’t have any additional information from what I’ve seen here. Received laptop a week ago, powered off for the weekend, would not power on Monday. I’ve checked the barrel adapter output, tried USB-C charging, and disconnected the battery for a bit, but I get nothing on hitting the power button, not even the quick flash of the LEDs as some others had been seeing.


That’s terrible. I just got my L14. Between this issue and the one I filed in Sometimes key presses don't work, I’m going to return mine for a refund before its too late. I paid way too much for this laptop to have what seems like very basic issues that should have been easily solved with proper QC rounds. :expressionless:

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I will get my brand new Librem 14 tomorrow, so the first things i going to check is the EC version, to try to prevent this issues of not powering. I tracking this thread.

I have already all the Clips to burn the Chipset and Bus-Pirate if i need it. : )

Sounds like you’ve got the stuff and confidence to do it all! Let us know how it goes.

The support/engineers asked me to try a usb-c power adapter and that didn’t changes anything, so I’ve now received a RMA to return/replace my laptop. Sounds like for around $800 USD, they will pre-ship and refund when my returned laptop arrives. Waiting on the customs details for that option/cost. The pre-ship option may have more customs costs since I’m residing in Canada and that may abort the pre-ship option for me.

Hmmm, wondering if just a bad EC version has gone out in a batch of laptops. I’m starting to get really curious if the CH341A spi chip programmer (and SOIC8 clip) to flash to new version would fix this or if it’s more serious.

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. I just bought a new laptop and moved the 930G SSD that made up half the price of the Librem14 to the new laptop. Didn’t bother getting it repaired. No regrets. I’m glad I took the chance. I knew the risks, and I like what Purism is doing. I want to see them succeed. Hopefully, they will fix the issues in a future version.

I had a sound file, but there is no option to upload it here. Which is why I scratched my previous reply.

@Thermos - I’m curious, while the laptop was powered off over the weekend, did you have the adapter plugged in/charging (which is how I had mine when not in use)?

I think it was plugged in overnight on Friday, but then unplugged from Friday morning until Monday.

Yeah, I’m happy support is responsive and working with me and willing to trust me to perform troubleshooting. I’d be happy to try that linked process of flashing, less keen on having to source/pay for the special tools, but it’s not like support has asked me to do this.

Yeah, I just posed the question back at Support to ask their Engineering if the EC Flash has been fixing the laptops being returned with this issue. Being in Canada, shipping/customs is both a pain and an extra cost… so I would be open to trying that route if they’ve had success with it… and spend the $30 on the toolset.

I would need to also know that it is possible to install PureOS on a Linux VM, in order to plug the CH341A chip programmer USB into for downloading/installing the software… since I don’t have a second Librem/Linux laptop.

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Oh, I’m in Canada, too. Those import fees are rough, though I’ve wondered if it doesn’t apply if it is being sent back for servicing. I had installed PureOS within vbox on a Mac before getting my Librem Mini to try it out so I doubt you’d have any issues there.

generally speaking, you don’t want to flash from a VM. Just live boot PureOS or any Debian/ubuntu variant on another machine. There is Windows flashing software for the ch341a floating around as well, though I can’t speak to how well it works or how easy it is to use

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Thank you @MrChromebox - I definitely don’t want to waste time on dead ends!

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Hi i got my new L14 yesterday, then i quickly upgraded the ec to 1.5*.
I noticed that the L4 turns ON (sometimes) by pressing the power button 2 times quickly.

Wow this Librem 14 it amazing.
I already started troubleshooting the WPAN to work libre inside.