New Post: Librem 5 USA At Shipping Parity: New Orders Ship Within 10 Business Days

The day we have been waiting for is finally here! The Librem 5 USA has reached shipping parity, which means that new orders placed today will ship within our standard 10-business-day window. The Librem 5 USA now joins the Librem Mini and Librem 14 as a post-Just In Time product, one where instead of relying on Just In Time supply chains to manufacture a product just as we need it, we have invested in maintaining much larger inventories so that we can better absorb future supply chain issues that may come our way.

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Great news, Kyle. Congratulations!
RE your adding accessories to the store, any plans to source an official L5 case?


An official case is something we’ve considered, but nothing to announce on that front yet. But I’ll treat your question as another vote for us to do it :slight_smile:


Thanks. I vote for soft and flexible in multiple sedate and vibrant colors that don’t significantly increase bulk.


Second that.

Awesome news! Someone try it and report back on the forum in ten days :joy:

It’s definitely very tempting to upgrade to the USA version now…

+1 for a case


As mentioned in the post, L5 backers who do so will be treated as priority cases in the queue. In my mind they have already waited plenty.


+1 for a case

I will move the demand for a case for our beloved L5 to another (new) thread, because it’s a bit off topic here. See here: Vote for an official case for the L5


I don’t think it’s off-topic. See this section of the post:

"Librem 5 USA Accessories

In addition to chip supply chain, accessory supply chain is something we are keeping a close eye on as we continue to expand our list of Librem 5 accessories."

It’s not completely off-topic, but perhaps only folks with interest in the L5 USA feel attrackted to this post and to this thread here.

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Now everyone can get a phone that doesn’t actually work, for $2,000

I’ve been in touch with support, but after sending them the logfile they requested, they’ve refused to reply to any further communications.

As always, the discussion threads for our blog posts is not the appropriate place to air grievances or support requests. I imagine if you sent them a log file and they haven’t yet gotten back to you yet, it isn’t a refusal, it’s just because they are reviewing the log file with other engineers on the team to get you appropriate help. Some troubleshooting takes time.


In which case, they could at least acknowledge they received it and tell me it’s going to take time. When they don’t do that, for all I know they’re ignoring it.

I did it here, because it was the only way I could see it was getting any attention.

Yes, this is the reason that everyone else also airs their grievances, support issues, and off-topic questions in official discussion threads, because it will get the attention of, well, usually me. However it immediately takes the discussion off topic just to serve a particular person’s interest at the expense of the discussion everyone else is participating in. You can see the problem if everyone with an open ticket, complaint, etc. all took the same approach. This actually happened frequently in the past and derailed every blog post discussion thread. After getting a number of complaints about the off-topic posts from people attempting to participate in the discussion thread I decided to be stricter about this.

I would appreciate it if you could please work out your ticket with the support team over the normal email channel.


As there is no official case, it probably is off topic for now. :wink:

However if there were an official case then the more general point would apply … Purism may be able to meet standard 10 business day fulfillment for the Librem 5 USA in isolation but the more accessories you order, the harder it is to guarantee that time-frame.

For example, if I am currently on the other side of the planet (time zone challenges) and I order the phone with the Anti-Interdiction service and one of the cellular services and I am porting my number in then I wouldn’t expect 10 business days.

I got a shipping notification (but it has not shipped yet) just recently. If my L5 works out, I will certainly order another for my wife, but will make sure to do the L5 USA.

This is good news, and I’m really glad to hear that despite the silicon shortages, that Purism has managed to make progress. :+1:

Purism building their own products allows them to tackle the quality complaints on their own terms, and this is good.

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This is a good point, and one of the email I send to customers that order anti-interdiction explains the process and also that it can add an additional week to fulfill their order (which largely depends upon how fast the customer responds to our customization questions, and how long it takes them to set up GPG if they want to use it).

With respect to accessories, yes it’s true that there is a risk it could hold up a person’s order, but we are attempting to combat that just like with our main products–by holding more inventory. The main challenge on that front lately has been SD cards which seem to be under a supply chain crunch of their own, so we are trying to stock up as we can.


Congrats on one hand for having made delivering a newly ordered L5 USA within 10 days come true. That’s really, really great!

On the other hand such a message might seem at least quiet astonishing for other L5 customers waiting since years asking themselves wether one day receiving their long ago ordered and paid phone is still able to cope with the rest of the worlds progress meanwhile having occured…

Two sides of the medal…