Night light not working

Is night light working on Librem 5 (PureOS) ?
I don’t see it taking it effect so wanted to check.


Yes it does:

Settings -> Display -> Night Light.
It’s basically screen filter. It makes display yellow-ish

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Settings/Displays/Night Light: I do not notice any change. And, I recall now:

That feature it not yet available to L5, it need work on kernel. I waiting this feature too to mitigate invisible blue light.


In this post, @dos said:

What does this mean? Does this prevent the gammastep package from working too?

Is it still a work in progress? Thanks in advance

It is not yet implemented, but i am 102% confident that @dos & @cat will perform this feature soon to L5.
As far i know the regular pinephone is the only device that already has enabled this feature.


They are probably busy with something more important :smiley: I’ll wait :slight_smile:

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I just noticed yesterday that pinephone-pro already support linux-gamma-ramps, it is a shame that the librem 5 still not.

Let’s see if Nigh Light got fixed for Librem 5 in Phosh 0.34.0 @rekotc

it is: Nightlight mode isn't working anymore on PinePhone (#875) · Issues · World / Phosh / phosh · GitLab

Yes, yes i know BUT Purism need to Enable for Librem 5 too NOT just for Painphone. I don’t want to imagine that Purism is Fixing Issues for Bad Designed devices and moreover is not part of Purism and of course these types of things happen in opensource world and I wouldn’t be surprised and of course is Ridiculous.
So let is cross the fingers to get enabled to Librem 5 too through Gnu Core. :sunglasses:

Open source is for everybody, included what some consider enemies. IMO this war against pinephone is counterproductive, we are all in the same boat trying to create the linux mobile ecosystem.


Lol Linux mobile already exist from Android, not sure what you talk about it. If you want to mean else be more specific. :sunglasses:

OK Enjoy it! But Remember that this is a Free Software Forum From PureOS where i am. You will never Find me on opensources oses Forums like Manjaro, Mints, Jolla, Pain64, System78, Whatever. So YOU need be more Honest. If you do not know what is going on… please read books about it.

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