Old historical AT&T ring tone

Is there a file with this old ringtone one could always hear in US movies?

A link to a video would be helpful, hard to describe a noise without a name.

I’m assuming this one?

(youtube link)
AT&T Ringtone

“Easy” enough then. Download as MP3, edit it down from 1 hour (yeah, I don’t think I need a one hour ringtone). Am I right in thinking that the Librem 5 wants an OGG file? In that case, final convert to that.

I opened the link and after I was done, I closed it. Then realized I closed the same window I was logged in as. Had to log in again. I should have opened it in a new tab.

I ring tone I’d like to have is the ring from the 1960’s show “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. An oscillating tone that went up and down. When I answer, I can say “Open channel D”. Well, no that answer was for their pen radio.

I found one here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p530Stpz11U

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Setting a custom ringtone seems to be a more complex issue, read here an older post: Custom ringtone no longer works

That’s automatic for me with my configuration and this forum software. Links to other pages in the same forum open in the current tab. All other links open in a new tab. Or something like that. So maybe check your browser / configuration.

OK, so I’ve used the Firefox add-on for Youtube downloading. That gives me an MP3.

From there, audacity should be able to open the MP3, trim the leading and trailing silence and then export as ogg. (In fact I used SoundConverter to convert from MP3 to ogg, then noticed that there was too much leading silence, so then used audacity to edit the ogg file.)

(Forum won’t let me upload an ogg file so you will have to do it yourself.)

I’ve downloaded the mp3 file from here: https://freesound.org/people/mycompasstv/sounds/456433/ saved it as bell-500-phone.mp3 and run it through the following commands to convert, cut off 8 secs from the start and take 50 secs from there. Don’t know actually how long the ringtone files should be because they get perhaps played repeated:

ffmpeg -i bell-500-phone.mp3 -c:a libvorbis -q:a 4 temp.ogg
ffmpeg -ss 00:00:8.000 -i temp.ogg -t 50 -c copy bell-500-phone.ogg
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I assume so but I haven’t tested that assumption.

I manged to set the custom ringtone as described in the page mentioned above. But dont see how to disable vibration on incoming call.

The Forum is a bit coy about what is allowed. Is there a list somewhere? Surely the suggestions after pushing the upload button are not the full list. I started an upload dialog and everything I tried let me get all the way to final upload button and I did not want to press that.

Whoops, the 5 listed are the only ones allowed and 2 of them are extensions for JPEG files.

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Well anyway the OP is clearly more than capable of creating the file himself. If I thought it essential to make the file available, I would have just posted it somewhere else on the internet and linked to it.

What happens if you name the file foo.ogg as foo.jpg? As last chance you could use uuencode and attach it as txt :slight_smile:

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Or base64 pathname

Yes, the ringtone file will loop, although in theory there is no real issue with having a long ringtone file, I would recommend having it as short as possible (in this case the file only needs a single ring plus interval until start of the next ring). There was an issue previously (maybe still exists?) where the phone would occasionally continue with one further iteration of the ringtone after accepting/rejecting the call, with a 4~5 second ringtone that would be a mild irritation with a ~50 second ringtone I can imagine that would grate quite heavily on me.

For the command line kids (or the anti GUI crew), sox could pull out a single ring from the audio file…

sox bell-500-phone.ogg bell-500-single-ring.ogg silence 1 0.1 0.5% 1 0.1 0.5%
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Either might work, but wouldn’t feel right to do.

I would be sceptical that renaming will work - because a fair amount of processing of the JPEG file may occur in either the server or the client or both. Do you want to try it out? :wink:

If I were interested in trying it out, I would have done so and reported rather than guessing.

And to be clear, I share your scepticism regarding the image formats since the forum would try to post a thumbnail.

Even the .txt would not work because it is not an allowed format. So the question is whether random text in a file with an html extension would work. Still not interested in giving it a go.

Oops, not html but webp, another image format, so no dice on text. JPEG has provisions for embedded comments, but that’s way beyond being worthwhile for ogg->text