One month w/o any new L5

Here are the exact daily amount of orders based on the published orders at this time:

order date | devices | diff to day before
2017-09-23 |  945    |
2017-09-24 |  964    |  +19
2017-09-25 | 1025    |  +51
2017-09-26 | 1075    |  +50
2017-09-27 |    ?    |    ?
2017-09-28 | 1172    |    ?
2017-09-30 | 1266    |  +94
2017-10-02 | 1369    | +103
2017-10-04 | 1479    | +110
2017-10-05 | 1506    |  +27
2017-10-06 | 1630    | +124
2017-10-07 | 1745    | +115
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On another link, he says that he ordered September 29th, 2017, and that there was a delay in shipping it out while Purism was acquiring the modem for Australia.

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So it ack that the last known shipped order is Sep 29, 2017

Sep 30, but yeah… As far as we can tell, since we can’t know about every single device received on the planet.

we know that people who have backed on Oct 1 have not received a shipping notification, so there is definitely a gap.

My Librem 5 was dispatched on 24th March and received by me on 30th March (ordered 29th September 2017, estimated to ship on 15-19th March).

When it arrived, I figured there had been enough reports about people receiving their phones, so I didn’t bother adding mine to the list. I thought that much of the reason we were all posting about receiving our phones was because up until the Evergreen batch started to ship out, there had been little evidence of “ordinary” backers receiving phones. With so many people reporting they have their phone now, it seemed to me that that motivation had passed. It didn’t occur to me that people might still appreciate reports.


Is there anyone on the forums who have received an L5 USA yet?

Yeah, but your device is just another one ordered before October 1, 2017. There seems to be no evidence that the queue has advanced after that date of orders.

No one has indicated either here or on r/purism that they have received the L5 USA.

From the L5 March update:

“We have completed the process of rounding up components for Librem 5 USA and once everything has arrived we hope to start production of the Librem 5 USA PCBA in April.”


This⬆️. I’m also curious how many Librem 5 USA orders they have to go through once production begins.

I’ve received the notification today, that my L5 (order Oct 1st 2017) is now ready to be shipped. I’ll post it as soon as it arrives.


Thank God, are we done with September then? lol

Hussah! Can you tell us when it is actually starts shipping, so we can update the table again?

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One month w/o any new L5

And it is not the last month :frowning:

So is that post saying “no new (or very few) Librem 5s until October 2021”? I ordered October 6th 2017. There are a mere ~300 Librem 5s in front of me in the queue… so I can stop checking for updates until October 2021… or maybe even 2022?

It’s going to be 2022 isn’t it :frowning:

@guru Welp. It looks like you were right and I was wrong :sweat:

My apologies.

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No, I was not. I should have put Six months w/o any new L5 as thread subject. :frowning:

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What makes me now nervious is: what will happen with the project, if the exact CPU for this PCB is not available after the half year break? Is Purism thinking in alternatives?

guru, its just a “shortage”. It was obvious in the past month and for me obvious that this Pandemic change some Customer and Company behavior, and the demand on the market.

So for me, it enlarge the time to wait just for three or five month. In January the Quote from purism was: We will reach parity maybe in May or June. And now its obvious that a next big delivery can take up to October and Parity some time after.

You can see and feel this semiconductor stress on other products too. Like Laptops, Graphic Cards, CPUs, Playstation 5 and so on. So we all have to wait. Looking for alternatives … not sure if this help. Like in a heavy traffic jam, you can drive around but you likely end up with more cars on dirt road with a higher risk to get stuck up in the mud. And have to wait even longer to reach your target.

I think you are lucky and get yours this may or mid October. So i cross my fingers for you. If you set up some Librem 5 Phones, you have some CPUs on Stock, but some are broken in the first, some get broken by the assembling and you just can discover it during the manufacturing and testing afterwards.
So the pool of working CPUs in Stock is not 1:1 the output on Phones. Purism likely message you if the testing is done and your phone is likely ready (just update firmware, software and run some more tests) for shipping.
However 6 Oct 2017 is so high in the List, that i would bet you will get your phone soon if new CPUs or RAM get delivered.

Another Point missed in this supply chain Post are the prices for shipping TEU-containers. We see a traffic jam of empty TEUs parking in California harbor or Europe and run out in Asia. So you have to wait for some empty TEUs to got your Stuff/Goods shipped from Asia to US or Europe. It takes a while to solve this issue and the prices to ship one TEU from China to Europe for example increase from $ 2.000 to $ 10.000 in the past month. Waiting is an Option to hold the price for your product so… we have to!

Edit: Its not so dramatic shipping from Asia to US West coast, but its still increased fourfold, and stuck on that level for some month right now.

If by alternative you mean the replacement of the processor, it would mean the development of a new version of Librem 5. Waiting for a new batch of processors will be faster, even if it happens in 2023 :slight_smile: