Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?

IMO cases ruin phones design you go from something elegant to a chunky brick that is awkward to hold. they are going with an all metal design so it should be pretty solid. You could as others suggest 3d print your case if you would like.

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I don’t know of a phone yet that can withstand being dropped on asphalt or concrete face down–without some sort of protective case.


Well a phone case might be chunky but I’m pretty sure that if I drop my phone (and I’m very careful, accidents happens) the all metal design won’t be of much help since it will go face first on the screen into the ground pretty much like a buttered toast, the phone case would balance the weight so it would fall more often on the edges and the back.


There are some elastic/stretchable phone cases on Amazon. They are ugly, but I’ll protect my Librem 5 with something.

I’ve dropped my iPhone more times than I would like to admit. Without the case on it, I’m sure the screen would be cracked horribly.


That is my issue. My current phone was about 2 months old when I dropped it at work in the back on concrete about 2 feet. It hit the edge of the hard case causing the gorilla glass to shatter. I didn’t have a protective case yet. Phones are so thin and only silicone holds the glass edge. A protective case for a $600+ phone is a must.


This is what we have been talking about on another thread too, Librem5 silicone cover. I have designed a cover that can be printed in TPU (pending knowledge of the final position of ports/buttons/rockers, etc), and we are trying to figure out the best way of making it happen for people who don’t have a friend with a 3D printer (or perhaps are willing to pay for something a little more durable. Purism will almost certainly not be making these covers, because, quite frankly, it’s not their business to. No one who wants to make money will probably do it because, frankly, it’s not a profitable idea (making the phone is barely profitable). Breaking even, I think, is possible, if someone wants to attempt it with an online print service (in bulk) and sell online. Check it out – any takers?


Maybe someone with a 3D printer could make these and sell them somewhere for all us people who don’t know someone with a 3D printer.



A flip cover (both horizontal and vertical) + screen protector would be the bare minimum upon release. I have been using a flip cover by MOZO brand for years now. Removing the original back cover of the phone and then simply click the phone into the frame. This will prevent the phone from falling out of the cover and protected extremely well under any circumstances. The buttons on the frame working seamlessly with the physical buttons on the phone.

It is probably the other way around when Purism want the Librem 5 to go mainstream: Who will want a potential great phone when no decent basic accessories are available? To the mainstream that would just confirm this is in fact a niche product and they will simply walk away from it. When Purism wants to take the Librem 5 to the next level they are obligated to offer at least a silicone cover, a flip cover and glass protection. By a third party or as an add-on. The one can’t go without the other…


Just for reference purposes
Flip case, vertical (replacing back of the phone)

Flip case, horizontal (replacing back of the phone and doubles as stand)

It looks like at least one company is going to offer some accessories.

Good find. Looks like they’re selling a general products under known brand/products though

“ENGINEERED WITH PRECISION to fit the exact dimensions of your beloved Purism Librem 5.” Some specs are still unknown, it is hopeful to see suppliers keeping an eye out on the Librem 5 release.

An official teaming up by Purism and a third party manufacturer - like MS did with
Mozo - would be nice to ensure that every accessory will fit and meets Purism quality standard.


You need no friends :joy:…with a 3d printer.
You simply purchase it at e.g.

All we need is a good 3d model.

3D printing models may work for some but only cover the back and sides. In every situation where my phones were damaged it was always the screen that was cracked. A 3D printing model does not prevent that from happening nor does it prevent from scratching when it is tucked in a pair of jeans or jacket. Still unknown if and how replacement screens will be made available. Taking into account that with every screen cracked the phone needs to be RMA’d to the US, I’d prefer a more durable yet maybe higher priced of the shelve solution.

A flip cover upon release would be very much appreciated

Make sure you don’t crack your screen before they open their German location :wink:

Moto Z2 Force

Though, has a plastic screen (P - OLED) and instead of glass (like other oems do) it’s covered w plastic on top :slight_smile:

I think custom made screen protectors should be also available somewhere. I didn’t test/buy one until now but a quick search did bring up (untested!!) things like:

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As soon as I have the final dimensions, I will update this one:

The .scad file is compiled by OpenSCAD to generate an .stl file. The model will work for silicone or any rubber-like material. A one-off at 3D hubs runs ~$70, but the price drops considerably with a volume order. Purism employees have communicated with me about this, but I am not aware of any plans to commercialize it by Purism.


Best would be to have Purism contact a preferred supplier for both cases, flip covers and screen protectors. I’m well aware this accessory thingy is not a Purism businesses. However, in order to get the L5 marketed and avoid RMA’s and disappointment/bad PR, they simply need to get the hardware and the basic accessories business aligned. When starting development of the phone it was obvious that there would be a demand for the basic needs in that regard.

Based on current and future sales as well as iterations a supplier should be able to manufacture a limited production run at an acceptable price point. Prior to that a final L5 version should be sent out to them to make sure the products will fit and to determine whether microphone/speaker/camera/USB/headphone out/sensors are all cut out right. The pre-production run needs testing by Purism and approval for us to order the products knowing they meet the quality standards and exact sizes.

This is the first picture Ive seen of a side profile of a final mockup . looks like the hardware switches will be reminiscent of the I phone 6 era mute switch . Cool . That really is a great looking phone.

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