Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?

#61 is selling screen protectors specifically for the Librem5

I’m pretty sure there will be cases on the market very soon :slight_smile:


Latest pics show a raised curved screen. That would be more prone to edge cracks. Anybody making a case yet as phone is now shipping/


Why use a case? These things are so cheap compared to modern flagship phones, they’re practically throw-around technology. /s(?)


$600 for the the Librem 5 is NOT cheap me me! Maybe to you it is. For me a case/screen protector is important as accidents do happen.


Maybe you missed “/s” in the previous post.


What did I miss? “/s” ?


Although I’m such a geek that I sat and tried to figure out how sed would parse /s(?)
jon.armani must be playing with us. :slight_smile:


I doubt a manufacturer of cases deals with custom design for small vendors. If you can get an Otter Case for this you are a better man than I am. Incase is a nice company too, but they are Apple-centric. One can always plop dimensions into Amazon and see if something pops up.


Just a good screen cover would probably suffice with it having a full metal case.
I learned something new today ( sarcasm /s thing) !


Screen cover might always be trimmed to size, though the glass screen covers will not easily cut with typical glass cutters. There is a tool for this though I am darned if I know where it might be gotten. However there is this 3M kit that can be ordered which can be adjusted by a consumer to any supposed screen:
Also acrylic screen material can be cut to size with a craft knife.


This is likely too small, but 3M probably makes a larger version as well though I have not yet found it. I know that Newegg had the Medium size which could work, but it is not available from them now. I expect that 3M did not discontinue production of this, but do not know. You could contact them about this.


If I did not know how to otherwise protect this may be an option even to the pre-made sheets:


Unfortunately, none of the existing phones match the dimensions of the Librem 5 (147.1 x 72.25 x 15 mm).

The closest that I can find are:

  • Samsung I9500 Fraser (153.9 x 76.4 x 14.8)
  • Land Rover Explore (152 x 75.3 x 14)
  • Plum Gator 4 (146.6 x 75.9 x 14)

#74 has a 2-pack of screen protector’s for the Librem 5


This could work:
Product Dimensions 6.2 x 1.6 x 3.6 inches.
Also : and
Product Dimensions 6.7 x 3.8 x 1 inches
There is always the huge to go to as well:
5.7 x 1 x 8 inches and some similar on the same page.
None are custom, though many can work, particularly the Nite-Ize, which I have used for my Gemini phone.


See my reply to amosbatto


Just FYI: Today I made contact with a German company that is willing to produce and sell a screen protector for the Librem 5. At least for European customers, this should be a good option.
My interest in this was to find a company in my country of origin that has a good reputation and from which I already ordered a screen protector before (to my satisfaction). Next step is to get all necessary dimensions to construct a tailored screen protector for the Librem 5. But don’t expect the screen protector to be available soon - it will be sold only after validation with a real Librem 5… :slight_smile:
I will report back as soon as there’s progress on this topic.


Would love to see Premyo producing it


I actually found a small vendor a couple of moths ago. Longer story short, it’s still a 5-digit venture (making molds etc.) to do small batches, so some hundreds of cases would need to be sold and small companies can’t take even 4 or 3 digit risks. As L5 is still a bit iffy in their eyes, no trust. Maybe next year… But if then there are more interested parties, it may not be profitable to anyone - too risky. Kickstarter pre-order thing might work, but event that would need someone to spend time on it.


FYI, The case is on topic in the L5 Thickness thread