Plastic phone? Evergreen

I am very disappointed by purism and the delivery of the Librem 5.

I ordered the phone with the understanding it would be a aluminium case. I ordered two phones in October of 2017 and have just received two notifications for evergreen.

Trying to figure out how early that was on the timeline versus others who have an earlier release. I understand the crowd funding issues and the timeline changes… however this has been extremely appalling. I do not want a $600 plastic phone. I am borderline ready to reach out for a refund after putting up with so many disappointments and constantly settling.

I want an aluminum case and the ability to easily open my phone, I want access to the quality of the first models. We did not pick slots when we ordered. We did not have early bird quantities, but this has happened without prior communication or consent.


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The sides are aluminum, the back is plastic, which improves signal reception. I can’t imagine that the later models will be any worse than the first.

Did you see this video?

I think later batches should look and feel better than what is presented there, and that already looks good to me.


I’m a very skeptical guy myself. But honestly. Which phone company do you know that houses their latest phones in full aluminum casing?


I don’t understand. Are you under impression that Evergreen phones will have somewhat worse (plastic?) case than earlier batches? If so, that won’t be the case (pun intended ;)) - no idea where you got that from.


To me signal reception is most important and they can put as much plastic they want if it gives better reception.


Thanks for all the replies yall.

This is what I wanted and hoped for. This is so much better looking and has a classic timelessness you do not see on the Evergreen model. I would like transparency about the amount of models in each group and the order dates of people receiving them.

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There are two different versions of the chassis shown in this article and I’m not sure which one you’re talking about. The silver one was a temporary one just for earliest Aspens. The black anodized aluminum one is design-wise pretty much what Evergreen will get, afaik (minor adjustments may still be made, but it will generally be a refined version of what you can already see there).

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I am referring too Aspen. Does anyone have clarification on molded case vs hand milled iterations from Aspen to Dogwood? It looks like they have some large differences from the sleek quality in Aspen to the very cookie cutter look of the Evergreen.

How can I get one of the bare aluminum versions of the chassis? Or better yet an Aspen version?

That part of it is pretty much available now as people are choosing to disclose that information here: "What Librem 5 batch am I in?" – Purism

and What's your estimated shipping batch? (poll) may be of interest.

Basically unless you ordered in August 2017, you are likely to be in Evergreen.

Things can be complicated by the fact that some people will have voluntarily opted for a later batch (and consequently freed up a slot for someone to get an earlier batch). Things may also be complicated by modem choice for those who need or want a modem either not in the first two Broadmobi modems or not in the first two Broadmobi modems plus the first two Gemalto modems.


There is probably 2 “Aspen” phones, made only to announce that the shipment started. The truth is, the phone is far away to be completed, and that’s a shame because I used to trust purism. But not anymore…

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I don’t know what you think you saw, but it was not an Evergreen. If the evergreen case would already exist, it would be used.
All pictures you saw are, obviously, pre-Birch variants.


For what it’s worth, I liked the look of the untreated aluminum one better. Looks aren’t the reason I bought, but coupled with the chunkyness…damn the natural aluminum looks good! (in the same way the dodge promaster, magnum, subaru wagons from the 80’s all look badass)


@DemBeesDoneStolenAll Yeah, sexy right?

@Caliga Is the render shown on the main page not an accurate representation of the item people are now ordering? And therefore the Evergreen version the vast majority of very early supports are also recieving?

I am happy to support Purism. I have several of their laptops and want to see them do well. I will not pretend to understand the scale of production or development and am very proud of the team… that aside I wish they had allowed backers an option or asked for input or engagement from one of the most underserved segments of modern technology. The product and the people who will allow them traction are the members actively posting here. They are the early funders and they deserve a voice. In fact it will make or break the long term success of this type of product, most importantly this type of idea and execution of that idea.

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That render is basically the same thing you can see on the photos you linked here (the black one of course).

And is this render what will be shipped as the production model in nearly four months? This is what I am trying to get clarity on. Is this still in the research and development phase or is the model on the page the actual evergreen product? @dos do you have any proof to actually answer my prior question?

Already answered that :wink: It applies to both Aspen photos (black) and the render, as those are pretty much the same thing.

Still dunno where you got your “plastic phone” impression from.


I got it from

In the Aspen model it says.

Mechanical Design: Individually milled case, loose fit, varying alignment, unfinished switch caps (hand crafted).

In the following versions upto Evergreen they iterate on the first mechanical design.

However in evergreen they say.

Mechanical Design: Molded case.

Now I am unsure about evergreen, since if the prior design carries over it would seem to be inferred from all the other models use of the model_prior + x convention. That it is generally understood the evergreen is not aluminum. I am fairly certain the term molding is used to define injection molding of plastic. The term which would define large scale aluminum production is die casting. The difference in the post I linked is what I am trying to draw attention too. It is why I believe the evergreen model is plastic.

Then rest assured, because Evergreen chassis is supposed to be aluminum just as well, and that note in the announcement only means that it will be then actually mass produced as opposed to individually milled like in earlier batches.

However, I don’t have necessary knowledge to discuss whether the use of term “molded” there is correct or not :slight_smile:


Well that would make me happier.

For reference-

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Yeah, so I deleted that because it occurred to me there may be kids here too. PM instead.