Power Statistics

Posting these shots for those who might be interested. Phone was mostly idle for these 6 hours (Edit: and connected to wifi ony). (Power Statistics app)


Thanks! Have the impression it gets better every now and then.

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argh … those fonts … make them bigger please !

I can’t. :rofl: The only way to see the entire screen on the phone is to scale it down.

1, Zoom your browser.
2. Copy image to your machine, open, and zoom in.
3. If you’re using Compiz (and…who…isn’t? Lol!), enable the Magnify function.

This. It automatically gives you a click toggle to zoom in any image that was shrunk to fit the window, or zoom out again. (Maybe this is Firefox only.)

In any case, there’s an “add-on for that,” whether it’s Firefox or the browser that shall not be named.

Use “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl -”. Pretty universal.

I take it, on that the L5 was fully charged? And the end is it shutting itself down, or was that you?

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At the beginning of that 6-hour period, I had already used the phone for about 2 hours. Then I set it aside for the rest of the day. I took the reading, choosing the 6-hour option, then connected it to the charger and turned it off myself.

It had 30% remaining, according to the Details page. (And with the latest kernel update, that should be accurate.)


Ok, important details. It’s easy to misinterpret from those, the first that the max is about less than 6h, while in reality it’s 6h + your usage before + what was left. Maybe add a note of that on top?


After almost a weak I feel that standby idle time is less than 6 hours (I have found the device empty a few times). On the other side, interacting with the phone does not seem to affect the time frame that much.
I am expecting the software to get updates to improve operational time between charges.

Ok, I have been paying more attention and the battery seems to be lasting more and more. Bluetooth is now turned off (not in use anyway). I turn off the phone at night, start it up in the morning for a good charge, it lasts the rest of the day.

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Interesting. I get more than that. In one test, with all the killswitches off, I got 14 hours.

If you haven’t done an actual timed test yet, maybe install GNOME Power Statistics, charge up the phone, let it run, then see what the app shows. (You’ll have to scale it down to use it…and maybe use a magnifying glass to read it!)

Not that you have to turn off any running services. Just use it as you normally do.


Hey, I have a powebank that I use to make a portable raspberry pi

This topic made me think, what about the Librem 5 ?
Just in the point of view of power management, if I have a powerbank attached to it, how would it affect the battery ?
How would be the graph ? Will it stay to 100% until powerbank is empty ?

It could be a way to get a full day until the power savings improvements are available (if you don’t mind the double weight)


There are even some that are the size of a credit card. Imagine a silicone L5 case with a little extra space for that. :+1:

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I found some that only add to the length (about as wide as the phone and as thick, with usb sticking out in the middle). A power bank should power the phone (but preferably it’s PD rated). Will it also be powerful enough to charge the battery simultaneously? I doubt it.


Please upload lossless PNG images for screenshots rather than highly compressed JPGs. It is difficult to read the text.

Naaaaah, you are thinking like :

When I’m more like my phone has 1 month autonomy between charges !


@JR-Fi : my point would be more like the battery phone stay at 100%, and only drain power from the powerbank


I think I’ve seen that innovation before… :sweat_smile:

(CityTalkman 900, about 30years ago)


At least it doesn’t have an entire automobile attached to it!

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Sometimes I think some of the old classics should be brought back but with improved insides. That one could be a (less mobile) phone with ridiculous battery and a huge antenna for hugely enhanced reception in rural areas. A couple of other phones over the years were good and could be made great with updated battery technology, better cameras and displays.

now THAT is a blunt weapon …