Purism - if you are open company stop deleting the comments. Lets people to share their views. Stop acting like Facebook

Do not put yourself as privacy advicate if you are deleting the comments of people. Be honest if you can

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I’m still going to flag every post that is along the lines “I don’t care about the world, gimme the phone or die”. Fed up with those.


If you “Fed up” with those message- have you asked yourself the question why people are asking such questions? Maybe the problem is with you? If you can not manage the process then just do not do it, do not lie to people, go public and say that we are failed. Return people’s money, if people are not asking for it I am asking for it. Cancel my order and return my money. Answer to my emails. Are you still “Fed up” with them @Dwaff?

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and why are you still marking my posts as hidden? What are you afraid of? Truth?

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The truth is that you don’t care - your own words. So there’s no point discussing anything with you, because you don’t care. Go make fuss somewhere else.


Yes I do not care, but after tons of emails to you. So this is the attitude of Purism towards the customers?

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I’m not a Purism employee. If you don’t like what I’m doing, use facebook.


If you are not the Purism employee so what is your stomachache?

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@Dwaff it is very odd and creepy that you are manipulating posts because you are “fed up”. You do not work for Purism. Let people express their frustration and if you dont like it, ignore it. It’s very dangerous for users who are not Purism employees to get in the middle of these situations.


I disagree. I believe that @dwaff has a responsibility to ensure a respectful environment on the forums. I, for one, tire of all the self-righteous semi-slander that passes for criticism on this forum. I support anyone who does the ugly work of taking out the garbage and ensuring that the trolls don’t run amok like other forums like /r/Purism.


Sort of a gray area when you advocate one person selectively censoring based upon how that one person opines.


I removed the previous topic because it had no replies anyway. If I wanted to stick to the rules, this one would be deleted too:

I’m going to let this post be to show people what the fuss is about, but keep in mind that while criticism is acceptable, insults may get deleted.

EDIT: I meant to post it in the other thread, but the message is the same.


Well to be honest, PURISM staff is extremely tolerant.
i remember couple of my posts where i was shooting directly into:
company organization - communication mess
product - l14 nasty electrical hot-fix present in currently sold units (my comments were far away from constructive)
couple others.
none of them got even flagged as “inappropriate”.

however even very tolerant people have own limits, and some people behaving like frustrated kids.
for example : they didn’t read terms and conditions of store, and now are very frustrated that they can’t just cancel order.
and now we have alot of shit floating on forum, because they’ve been learnt (by facebook and others) a rule: make a public noise, company will probably step down and do what you wish just to cover public noise.

for christ sake! peole! learn to read terms and conditions before you press accept!
using brain doesn’t hurt!

as i don’t like moderation of public forums… posts started because someone complains about refund policy , should be closed with short answer: you accepted terms and conditions of the store, Deal with it as an adult!
and if such kid will continue complaints , ban it.
as a community we have better things to do - like debuging pureboot , and helping others to solve issues, than listening kids whining…

that’s all


I read @hedomi’s thread that you deleted and it doesn’t seem to violate those rules and certainly didn’t seem to warrant being deleted. He didn’t disrespect the staff. He was ranting about Purism, the company/entity–not any individual staff or person–about not being able to get his refund. And he only started insulting (trolling?/flaming?) another user after that user started manipulating his content.

You reference the forum rules. I can appreciate them because they at least add some transparency about expectations. But those rules (like many other forum rules) are problematic for a number of reasons, the following being what I think are most important:

  1. The rules are subjective–what is “trolling” or “flaming” to you may not be that to another user, which is why I still firmly believe that users who are not Purism employees should not be manipulating posts. They’re much less likely to be impartial or just flat out incorrect in their interpretation of one of those rules.
  2. The rules don’t address power-hungry non-Purism moderators who provoke other users by acting in a way that censors their posts. It’s okay for people to delete posts just because they don’t like the content, but it’s not okay for people to get upset and insult them about it? Very strange.

I’ve been mostly a lurker here, but it’s very disturbing watching the direction of this forum. How dissenting opinions are being “moderated” is dangerous for the Purism brand. If this continues, this place will just turn into a Purism circlejerk/echo-chamber, push potential new customers away, and destroy Purism’s reputation in the process.


That’s actually right - I deleted the thread with 0 comments because it was a duplicate, not because it was calling names.

Posts which get hidden by users are not getting hidden permanently until a moderator sees them (that usually happens even on weekends), so those who get upset can get at most a temporary victory.


Dear @hedomi,

Thank you for sharing your feeling with us, personally I can understand how you feel.

In my experience I find it easier to change something that I control than ask others or external entity to change.

I think that a good experience can be taken from this situation. I believe that in the future you might want to avoid buying any pre-order products or service, I believe that you expect a different offer.

Or if not pre-order product don’t buy something while there is a global pandemic and expect them to be delivered next day.

I believe that you will only grow up by going trough this frustrating experience, and we as a community will also be happy to see you happy.

Please excuse my bad syntax as English is not my 1st language.



That is not what privacy is.

Privacy is your right to communicate with someone (e.g. Purism) privately and not have it show up in public or in the possession of a third party.

Writing in a public forum (whether writing BS, defamatory material or helpful stuff) is the opposite of privacy.

A commitment to privacy is not a commitment to freedom of speech, although any given person might support both to some variable degree.

Forum rules suggest that you don’t double-post / cross-post, so if an existing topic already covers your point, you should add to that existing topic.


If I’m in a bar having a drink, and some person bursts in, yells at no-one in particular how their drink is not delivered yet and overthrows chairs and tables - I reserve the right to ask them to leave, even if I do not run the place. I don’t have to put up with such behavior.

No. My drink might get spilled if I allowed that to continue unchecked.
Expressing frustration has its limits and hedomi crossed the line, multiple times.


This is off-topic and has no relations to the main topic context. @dcz please act according to forum rules. I believe the rules are applied to all people on the same level not only to me, yes?
I am waiting you will hide/delete this comment as you did with mines.

Oh dear, I think an enormous disappointment is in store for you:

  • I did not post any duplicates, so no posts of mine will get deleted on based on this ground.
  • Purism did not hide any of your posts - it were other users, tired of your ramblings. So if moderation does exactly as they did with your posts, nothing will happen.
  • I see you posting same angry off-topic messages in multiple threads, (and getting them flagged before I even get close to them), so calling for moderator attention might work against you.

I would not be surprised nor moved, if this particular post is deleted. It is off-topic (the previous one is not, but you seem unable to grasp the metaphor).

I also think this thread should be closed - it is clearly going nowhere.