Purism Launches Librem 14, Successor to Security-focused Librem 13 Product Line

one more option

  • use a projection virtual keyboard

then the keyboard face of the laptop just has to be a plain white surface.

Example existing device: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Projection-Virtual-Bluetooth-Keyboard/dp/B00LFJBP0Y

BUT with the intention that it is

a) integrated within the laptop (and hence not separate and wireless and battery powered), and
b) completely customisable (I get the impression that existing devices on the market only do one layout).

2x4GB costs $9.00 more than 1x8GB
2x8GB costs $10.00 more than 1x16GB
2x16GB costs $10.00 more than 1x32GB

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@Julie21 welcome in this forum!
Basic configuration of L14 is with 1x8GB.

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I7-10710U supports 2666MHz DDR4 memory. Should we expect that L14 would support/come with 2666MHz memory?

It will support 2666Mhz RAM (along with a range of frequencies) but we don’t explicitly state or guarantee which exact RAM modules we will include in a particular order (outside of capacity) because it varies over time based on availability.

I started a poll regarding demand of keyboard-layouts: Poll: Keyboad-Layout Librem 14


FWIW I’m glad existing orders will use a single stick. Since I ordered the 32GB version, I can just purchase a separate 32GB stick to max out the device. If it shipped with 2 sticks then I’d end up having to replace them both.

This machine looks definitely interesting. How long will the Librem 14v1 be available for the special pre-order price?

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I’m in Australia too, in locked-down Melbourne. It’s just a
matter of getting the right power-cord. The mains connector on
the Librem13 brick is one of the standard 3-pin connectors. I
picked up one from my local second-hand computer shop. In fact the
owner gave me two for free because they’re always accumulating.

Small gripe: When I ordered my Librem13 I got a spare power
adapter. Having no choice but US or EU, I selected one of each. But
I specifically added a comment that if they couldn’t send AU
cords, it would be better to send none at all — it’d just be a
waste, and I could source my own. But they still sent the two
power cords, which I’ve added to my collection of useless power

Maybe Purism (are you listening?) could provide on their order
page an explicit option for no power cord at all. That would be
less wasteful, not only for folks in AU, but also SG, HK, ZH,

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last time i checked the power cord of the L14v1 is a separate purchase … this i understand like this “the L14v1 comes without a power-cord in the box”

Alternatively, you could deliberately order the wrong cable for your country but use it with a plug adapter. Sure, that’s a bit clunky but maybe a random customer can more readily get hold of a plug adapter than a cable with a local plug and the appropriate three-pin socket at the other end.

In some sense it would be helpful if the AC/DC adapter were available with an IEC 60320 C13/C14 connector, as an alternative to the connector that it does have - and, as you suggest, the customer would order without the power cable.

Hmmm… When I look on https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-14/ it just has power-adapter choice, with only US, UK, EU options. No mention of separate power-cord.

confused between power-cord and power-adapter choice ?

let’s define one or both and then stick with that :slight_smile:

i have a universal EU power-brick adapter so i don’t need one from Purism …

by universal i mean it has a BUNCH of barel-connectors for different brands and by EU i mean it has a SCHUCKO compatible wall plug …

is this clear now ?

it has also a hardware variable voltage adjustment (in 3 steps i believe it was) … it’s on the “brick-ier” side … :))

This is what I do all the time as I live in Germany atm. I could understand wanting a non adapter needing plug though. I am eventually going to be back in the US so the plugs are not so crucial for me.

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@Kyle_Rankin - any chance we can know the duration of the pre-order campaign? I just received my Librem Mini yesterday and need a bit more time with the O/S and hardware to determine if I also want to invest in the laptop form factor in this environment.

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The Librem 14 Launch FAQ that Kyle posted earlier in this thread contains some information. There isn’t a predetermined end time yet, but once it has been determined, they will post a warning a few days before.

From the FAQ:

Q: How long will the sale continue? Are there coupon codes?
A: We haven’t set an official date yet, but will make an announcement on social media and on this site at least a few days before the sale ends. The discount is automatically applied at the shop while the sale is active, no coupon codes are necessary.

Kyle’s post:

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It looks beautiful, i’m going to buy for it!!! i’m out of words (waiting for a video) please feed my craving


Is it possible to install the following RAM? Or something else? :grimacing:


Beste Grüße aus Berlin,

Very pleased with how the new Librem laptop is developing (here’s hoping the new hinge will stand up to torture) .

One more request though, is it possible for Purism to test & use only RAM modules on the Librem 14 that are resistant to rowhammer attacks, it is unfortunate that some published academic papers (like this one https://download.vusec.net/papers/trrespass_sp20.pdf -TRRespass: Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh) have not also published the models of the modules that are actually rowhammer resistant (although they have detailed how each module has fared & provided some details about the modules themselves except for the brand & model).

The importance of a rowhammer resistant module cannot be overestimated, rowhammer attacks would practically break many of the measures taken to make a Librem laptop secure.

I would certainly prefer to get my so-dimms from Purism instead of buying from Amazon if Purism tests & uses rowhammer resistant so-dimms, I don’t mind paying extra for security, this is after all the raison d’etre of Purism, working to make computing more secure down to the hardware level, the reason people like me choose to buy Purism.


New video