Purism "publishing a [librem5] shipping schedule in a few days"


Pessimist doesn’t get disappointed…? :sun_behind_rain_cloud::umbrella::smirk:


Oh I believe it will likely be down to the wire in terms of shipping start in Q3, however I do think the news that there will be a schedule posted within the next week from what it sounds like should hopefully quell any negativity or doubts, at least until it gets posted which is why I posted. :slight_smile:


I’d imagine it’s something like first wave, second wave, etc. If nothing else it’ll narrow it down from a 3 month window


If this is an actual update , it is most likely specific shipping dates for the first wave of L5 s I imagine. I really hope they got that overheating issue resolved because I dont see that as a minor problem the device should be shipped with .

I couldnt imagine Purism would ship with a device that overheats and throttles to 1% indicating a serious thermal overload. I definitely dont want to find out I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7-esque grenade in my pocket.

So Im cautiously optimistic this was resolved or atleast has been mitigated to a level that will be completely resolved in OTA updates.


No. Shipping will start in Q3. That’s all we know.
I expect the schedule to tell us how they orchestrate it.
If they ship 200 per day, which is a lot for a small company, it takes ten weeks to ship 10k units.

Maybe the schedule also has differences for regions, bundles, modem choice, or software maturity. We’ll see.


This is great news. No way they would ship without overheating unresolved.
At that pace (200 a day) I guess I would be getting it in that third month. Assuming that most of the orders (2/3) were placed byv the end of 2018.


Possibly not more than 5000. See this full thread for details:


In that case, it would be around 5 weeks for me (Jan 2. order) Much better! :slight_smile:


Schedule now published, FAQ will be updated as well according to Purism Matrix:


This is extremely disappointing.
So, by March I might get the proper hardware?? I’m about to cancel my pre-order.

From the article:
With the initial batch of phones at the end of September and early October, the hardware quality is said to be “Individually milled case, loose fit, varying alignment, unfinished switch caps. (Hand crafted)”

The second batch will bring a “tighter fit, improved alignment” for manufacturing and that will begin at the end of October through the end of November. That will also iterate the software stack for this phone. With their batch in December is when all of the switches will be properly capped as well as bringing better power management and other software improvements.

From January through March will be their next batch with various hardware refinements, a graphical PureOS store, and other improvements. In Q2’2020 is when there will be a molded case and long-term support software support, or rather the phone should be in good standing for early adopters.


All those who said that this phone won’t be ready by Q3 were right. What I didn’t see happen is shipping a quarter baked device.


At least wait for the FAQ before cancelling, so you have a better idea of your options


Honestly I’d LOVE to have part of my phone hand-crafted!! One of the very first Librem phones! With more personality. The later ones will be cool too (as I ordered in March 2019). But I wish I was in the first batch!

If you don’t cancel, and want to trade a hand-crafted one for a more polished one in a few months, let me know. We can make a trade :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s what I’ve also thought about: hand-made device for the same price, that’s a gotcha. Wanna this. Though I still consider this as “unfinished” for such device as a smartphone (but don’t fear this! :slight_smile: ).


That’s why I said “about to cancel” :slight_smile: I’m just pissed , because this whole Q3 wasn’t an honest estimate. This is not a finished product. Period.
They could have said anything, but stuck w Q3. They should immediately change that on the sales page as well. Or word it differently. “SHIPPING Q3 for early adopters & original backers Phone available April 1, 2020.”
I just find it disingenuous & unprofessional. That’s all.
This first batch coming with all potential hardware flaws, shouldn’t be even for sale. It looks more like a pre production model that needs time for testing - Like most OEMs do.
I love the idea of “handcrafted” too. But, the one that won’t cause potential headaches. :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know


I agree with you. Caligra did correct me and appropriately as I had misconstrued the shipping announcement. Yet, I have really been miffed by both the deception of the Q3 release as unqualified at the outset and then noted as incomplete in its execution.
For those who are ‘collectors’ and consider that Librem 5 will be enough of a success that the ‘early versions’ may have values as “Electronics Antique Collectables” there may be some advantage to having a very rough copy.
I had known a gentleman who owned a Ford Edsel Ambulance and a Ford Edsel Hearse, both of these non-production models in prototype status. They are in demand and I am sure that these one-off’s may even be more valuable than a Librem 5 early version, but some people love the opportunity to get in at the early stages for the rare ‘big payoff’ possible later.


I kind of like the idea of having a hand-made first run, but I don’t know if I like it enough that I want one that isn’t completely polished. My problem is that I am impatient. I ordered in Oct 2017, so I have been waiting almost 2 years for this phone. I don’t know how much longer I can wait!


Fine. I am not sure you can get a refund, but you can try with Librem. Still, there is nothing much coming out that represents a clear alternative view in the way of kill switches and only relatively tame Android alternatives such as /e/ foundation’s efforts to protest the Alphabet -Google and Apple Oligopoly. Nobody would call you a traitor for seeking a disconnect from Librem 5. At least I cannot think that anybody is so much the zealot here. My frustration, after all these months, and the years before, is that so many smartphone users are so mute and sheepish in their acceptance of Locked Phones, limited platform choices and sacrificed privacy for a device which has become ubiquitous and seemingly semi-essential to daily life. People act like lemmings following the herd, not over the cliff, but certainly blind to the rip off and the advantage taken of them and do absolutely nothing in protest against this!


Hi, I got an email saying this post was a response to mine. If that is the case, I will address that.

I think you mistook my intent, or perhaps I didn’t convey it clearly enough. When I said I didn’t know how much longer I could wait, it was to express my utter excitement and anticipation. I feel like a kid awaiting Christmas morning. Do you think I am going to give up on the Librem 5 now? Oh, heck no!

I did say that I didn’t know if I wanted one that “isn’t completely polished”. At the time, yes, I was unsure. I didn’t know in what state the Aspen batch would be. Maybe I was a little harsh in how I stated it. If anyone was offended by that, I apologize.

Having the past few weeks to think about it, and especially after seeing what a great product Purism is releasing, I will be happy with whatever batch I am in. Looking at the number of people that pre-ordered before me, I am pretty sure that it will not be Aspen, though.

I am still impatient and giddy, bouncing up and down in my seat with anticipation. A lot of that has to do with how desperately I want to sever ties with big G. That and the fact that it is a pure Linux phone. Oh the possibilities!


I share this with you. I like Linux. I am also perhaps ‘out there’ in my need to know the innards of things.
Guys used to have cars and tinker with them. Women might have joined in the day and have more recently, but computerized controls makes most things difficult without special equipment.
More hobbyists nowadays have computers and have played about with the Hardware of Desktops and rarely with Notebooks, but it is not the same thing as the moving parts are few and how things work are mostly unknown without being able to get your hands dirty at the software level.
With either a PC or Mac and then later with the IPhones or the Android Phones rather little is allowed to the hobbyist, other than those working for the companies or a few high-level hackers.
Linux affords me a way to get deep into the software, other than firmware and the MBR components and I have hungered for a smartphone which does not treat me or you as a dummy and allows us to work inside its software core.
Then I come up against the crud of the M.2 card modems and a good deal more and find that I still am frustrated in trying to understand the whole of it.
At least, once I get the Librem 5, however clunky its interface may be at the outset and its mega size may be as well, I can tinker a bit with it and have some of the fun to which I am looking forward to.