Report: No ringing on my end when placing outbound calls, but the call goes through

Librem 5 with SIMple service.

Frequently when placing outbound calls, no ring indicator is audible to me. Then, after a few moments of silence, someone answers. So the call is being placed.

The call recipient obviously hears ringing on their end. Because, they answer, and we have a conversation. However, I heard no rings. I simply had to wait through the silence.

Occasionally, I do hear ringing when placing calls. But most often, I do not. Currently I still do not know whether this issue relates to the recipient network (i.e whether it’s Verizon users, or whatever).

This occurs whether I’m using my wired headphones, or not using them.

Aside from the absence of the ringing, the call proceeds as normal, decent sound quality, and I’m happy. But it’s a minor issue and I just thought I’d report it here.

Just speaking from my own experience, I have the opposite frequency. Most outgoing calls I hear ringing and occasionally have silence but it connects.

So in short, I have no clue either, lol

Do you have VoLTE enabled? In some cases, with VoLTE enabled, there were issues with the ringtone not happening in an outbound call.

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Thanks for this. I’m still trying to find where/how I can disable VoLTE.

Depending on where you are in the world, disabling VoLTE may mean you are disabling all calling. I’m fairly certain that all major carriers and thus all MNVOs in the USA have stopped 3G service, and 4G calling is always VoLTE.

If you don’t know how disable it I’m pretty sure you didn’t enable it. You can’t do it by accident

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