Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?


I ordered my Librem 5 on December 30th, 2018, and I received my email this evening. I will agree with others on the forum, indicating there is not a “person” selecting who receives emails now versus tomorrow. Could it be based on region? Possibly, state to state? Country to country?


Late afternoon PST I got mine.
Ordered on Jan 4th this year.


I received my e-mail this morning. Achieving this above and beyond stage is everything that counts now.


I got my email this morning and answered of course

1 Aspen
2 Birch
3 Chestnut

but I am not fanatical about the preferences.

Anyway - well done !


Yeah. I’m a bit confused about how they are sending them out. I figured they’d go chronologically from the first orders, but I guess not. Oh well.

Edit: Received mine. Think I ordered Oct in 2018?
Choices of Aspen to Evergreen. Chose A, C, E.


I totally agree that rampant speculation is to be expected, admired and let run in moderation, as there is no stopping it but @Corbeau isn’t wrong either (but too late to do it that way now, just do the best you can).

@Richard: could you update the FAQ while in your comfortable position? Like, the “If you don’t respond to the e-mail you’ll get the batch that you are automatically eligible for” and all kinds of other questions that have been floated around the forum. I think there was even a separate thread where to post them, but It may have gotten buried. The FAQ itself was kinda missing where to send those questions (is forum included). Or is updating the FAQ a monthly thing, not a continuous/daily? (and speaking of monthly things, do we get the monthly update on tech progress…?)


I’ve to admit that I’m a bit tired of all this speculation in this thread (and others). We backers have been informed by the CEO(!) on September, 5 about the batches, we got an email asking for three preferred batches to select (to be taken into account when Purism sees free slots in a batch you normally in FIFO order not have been assigned to), and we have been promised an additional mail asking about the modem and verification of the shipping addr.

So, IMHO we should all just relax, put the feet o the desk and wait for that.
Just my $0.02


Ok, i got the e-mail last night, and now i’m not sure how to answer :smiley: Please help
I’d like to get the latest possible release, that is, Evergreen.

So is it correct to answer this:

their example confused me, or maybe my english is very bad, so i’m asking you people, thanks!


Yes, although I would guess that that makes it certain that you would get Evergreen.


I don’t care if i need to wait :slight_smile:


thanks for your answer!


Yes, according to the FAQ, asking for Evergreen in first place guarantees to have it:

A: Orders placed today will likely fall in Batch Evergreen.

Thank you for letting more place in firsts batches @rekotc !


You are welcome! :smiley: Considering i’m currently using an ancient Samsung Galaxy S2 that was probably considered an old model back in 2014, i believe it can’t get any older than that :smiley: A few more months won’t change anything to me.


Thanks Richard for clarifying this. I will proceed to answer the email I received.


I guess that it isn’t that hard to create a script to read the responses, but I wouldn’t want to be the poor smuck who has to manually read all replies that don’t conform.

I made it real easy to process my response:

  1. Aspen
  2. Birch
  3. Chestnut

But I thought about being a jerk and replying this way:

I’m dying to be the first one to see a beautiful aspen this year in Colorado.
But if I can’t make it to the Rockies any time soon, I wouldn’t mind being the second person to see a birch in the lowlands.
However, if I move to East Coast, I guess I’ll settle for the third option and go look for some chestnuts, although they have become rare due to the blight that killed most of them off in the early 1900s.

I would love to see if the script can handle that mess. We can be evil and make life hell for the programmer.


Or use CBW (Brave new world that has such numbers in it)
Aspen. Aspen
Birch. Birch
Chestnut. Chestnut


Made me LOL :rofl: I’d dare you to do it - like playing with fire that will default you to the end of the line :wink:

Better yet, for added security (whose?): to avoid bot answers, a haiku, a story or other argument for woods is required from customers…

An as-pen fall-s
A bir-ch gro-ws stro-ng
The chest-nut com-es
(not sure about how English hyphenates in poetry)


LOL that is evil, and funny. I imagine it really wouldnt be too hard, though.

If I were making it, I would have it simply identify the key words of “aspen”, “birch”, “chestnut”, “dogwood”, and “evergreen”, ignoring anything else that might be in the message. It print the first three key words into the output in the order they were found, and ignore anything else.

Something like that wouldn’t be too difficult to make.


… and then you were surprised that 95% are interested in Aspen. Or not. They just like to send TOFU mails (Text Over, Fullquote Under) …

To make the first version of parsing a bit simpler, they avoided to include Aspen and Birch in the numbered example…


Got it, and asked for Aspen, Chestnut and Dogwood.

Why did I skip over Birch?

I figure Aspen would be a collectible, far more than Birch, but were it not for that I’d want the proper switches. So Birch, not being as much of a collectible, doesn’t interest me.

Academic, since my order was acknowledged 1 January of this year and I’m therefore in line for Yew. :grinning: