Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?

Got mine, picked C, D and A. I want proper switches, but failing that the looser fit of the initial case might give me more room to tinker inside it.

I was confused by the email asking us to pick only three options. What if someone picks Aspen, Birch, and Chestnut and doesn’t qualify for any of them? Do they get dropped back to Evergreen, when their next choice might have been Dogwood? Why not allow everyone to just place all of the batches in their desired order so there’s no ambiguity?


3 * X number of orders is far fewer to sort out than 5 * X number of orders. I don’t think asking “what’s your top 3 choices?” is unreasonable at all. Plus it gives them a bit of leeway in case of conflicts.

It’s impossible to please everyone. This is a good solution, and far nicer than the perfectly-fair option of “your order date dictates your batch, period.”

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The way I understood it is you have a choice a primary a seconday and a tertiary selection preference . If they cant make your primary happen then they try to accommodate your secondary and so on to your tertiary choice .

If none of the slots you have chosen are available to fit you in you default to whichever slot you are in as per the order in which you pre paid .

The email said they will figure out your order slot then try to fit you in your preference slots if possible .

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What is the deadline for replying to the mail? Will it be sufficient to reply within the next 12 hours?

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What is the deadline for receiving the initial email from Purism?

No idea but unless you are a realistic shot at Aspen I don’t think it is urgent (not ‘next 12 hours’ urgent).

If there is some compelling reason why you can’t respond in a timely fashion, and particularly if you think you might be eligible for Aspen, it would be a courtesy to contact Purism support directly (on the ‘ops’ email address, not via Reply, or via another means).

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I ordered/paid Jan. 2018 and people who ordered in 2019 are getting their 1st shipping email already. Thats what I am talking about. I don’t know or care at this point in time what batch I am getting/weanting because I haven’t received the 1st email from Purism yet. Thats what I’m trying to explain. Simple as that.

kieran was not responding to you.
If you didn’t receive the email by now, mail support with your choice and supply your order number (from the order confirmation mail). Still the same email address?


Correct - and I have updated my response to make that clearer.

However I did respond to @j8m2p6f “1 day” ago when concern was first expressed at the lack of an email.

Oh…I thought all those listed the recipient of the email was eligible for, it feels like when I try to order breakfast items and the waitress tells me I can’t at 20:00 even though they’re listed on the menu :frowning: Ok, I’d still prefer Aspen if eligible but is the M2 slot going to be equipped for 5g on any of the other models listed( I definitely don’t want any of all that in my pocket)? If they’re not then I guess I’ll be fine with anything I’m actually eligible for :slight_smile: (still really hoping I’m eligible for Aspen though :smiley: )

Yes, this is just selecting which region of the world you’re in so you get the right plug.

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Yeah, probably just which plug (depending on what your country uses). I would assume this is just a normal USB adapter plug.

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According to Huawei, a 5G modem (0.6-6 GHz) requires 2.5 times more energy to operate compared to an LTE modem and advanced cooling (copper sheet, evaporative heat pipes or graphene film), so it is unlikely to be available on an M.2 card (at least at the current state of the technology).

24-86 GHz 5G also requires more energy, but Motorola managed to make it work in a Moto Mod attachment, so it might be possible on a M.2 card, but using those frequencies is a really bad idea and I’m hoping that it fails.


Living in a village I do not see much use for 5G because of the lousy range (comparable ti WiFi). Except if you have your own 5G base station. But then you must have a free band (we do not have) and the range should be at least a few kilometers. That would require the lower frequencies.

Unless you do as some operators: Rebrand old fashioned LTE as “5G”. Marketing is a strange thing … For no cost at all you suddenly have the new hype “5G”, OK, you may need a new dekal.


So what e-mail is the mail sent to? Your account e-mail that you ordered with or the shipping/billing e-mail?

I changed the email address in my customer account after having ordered Librem 5 and also received the email asking my preferred batches, so I can tell you the email address you filled in in the ordering form is used.
I think I’ve read on this forum that you may change the email address associated to your order by asking it by email to, referencing your order number.

I ordered in October 2017 and I didn’t receive the email yet, I changed the email in my account last year, but I’m not sure if that is the problem, I just sent an email to Purism.

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If you already sent the email, then it makes no difference for this case, but usually for requests such as shipping address updates and contact information updates it would be best to send such requests to:

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I changed my email in my Purism account and a bit later I received a batch shipping email from one of Purism’s excellent tech support people! Life is good again.