[Sold] Librem 5 pre-order for Sale 540€ - Dec 2018

Like others before me (here or here), I offer for sale my Librem 5 pre-order.

I sell it for 540€ (or 599$), payable by SEPA transfer or via an online sales platform (ebay, leboncoin).

The order date is December 19, 2018. I estimate that I am about the 4200th order.
The modem selection has not been made yet.


Another honest person selling the pre-order for the original price! Good luck!


High inflation has happened within the past several years. It’s not dishonest to want more currency than what you originally invested years ago.


I would not judge the choices of each one, especially since it depends for many on the material conditions (which could have deteriorated in these times of crisis).
I’m lucky enough not to absolutely need the money right away, but I’d still be more comfortable not waiting to ask for an official refund.
If it would help someone to get a Librem 5 sooner, so much the better.
If someone wants to offer their pre-order for sale at a higher or lower price, I won’t judge that decision.


Assuming 3 years with 3% inflation is, if I’m not mistaken:
599 * 1.03 * 1.03 * 1.03 = 654.53
and not $800 someone asked some weeks ago.

chuckle If only inflation were only 3%.


Did you get sick of waiting or do you need a new phone now?


I will sell my Evergreen once my Fir has arrived.


Yes, but on the other hand, inflation is calculated on an arbitrary selection of products at a given location. Individually, you can experience inflation much more or much less than the official indicator.
However, we are not talking about a necessity product here but rather a bet on what will be a future comfort product.
Therefore, a price increase can be justified as well as criticized on this basis. It all depends on one’s moral frame of reference.

Both plus other reasons.

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The pre-order has been sold!