Squeekboard release 1.18.0

Hi all,

another Squeekboard update has made it through.

The most important feature is that the panel takes into account the physical size of the display when choosing the right size.

Another very nifty thing is that debug messages can be enabled at runtime, without the need to restart anything.

More info: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/squeekboard/-/merge_requests/550


I realize this is probably a very simple thing, but my phone has 1.15.0 installed and it insists it’s up to date.

As someone who tinkers with the virtual keyboard this is of interest to me, so how do I get it?

Is this PureOS?

Last version pushed to PureOS was 1.16.0. Are you hitting this issue? One L5 unwilling to update

I unpacked my phone today, updated the pureos build, and I am on
squeekboard/byzantium,now 1.15.0-1pureos1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
Not 1.18, not 1.16.

I checked the repos, and it appears I have messed up 1.16 too without ever noticing. Either way, 1.17.1 is now up http://repo.pureos.net/pureos/pool/main/s/squeekboard/

Yes I am on PureOS.

I gather (now) if I do an update I’ll get 1.17 (I won’t be able to check this out for a few hours as I must use home WiFi to do it–long story).

So what must I do if I actually want 1.18 instead?

Thank you for your hard work! I’m a fan :slight_smile:

Question (and sorry I’m not sure the right place for this), can the feedback type VibraRumble have some rumble intensity property? (I’d like to increase it significantly) -edit - sorry this is a feedbackd question.

Either wait for the 1.18 PureOS package to get approved and rolled out, or install the package from the 1.18 CI pipeline yourself.

testing 1.17.1 and in landscape i believe on the L5 squeekboard it is not taking up as much room as before in the qterminal app if i am not mistaken. (L5, 200% scaling, 720x1440)

I had 1.15 installed prior pureos 10 default i believe. I noticed one artefact where in portrait when launching gnome browser the keyboard initially scaled not to the full width of the screen, but did so when loading a couple websites and clicking and entering text in textboxes. Ill keep an eye out for that behaviour. Also while the terminal it doesnt take up as much room in gnome browser in landscape the keyboard behaves as before taking up 80% or more of the screen.

There’s definitely a mistake here - the panel doesn’t know what applications are open, and so, can’t take up less when one is open but less when another. Also, there’s a hard limit of 50% vertical space for the panel.

How did you get 1.17? I am still on 1.15 on a totally updated system.

It’s still in the queue https://software.pureos.net/search_pkg?term=squeekboard

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Sorry, I guess I misunderstood. dcz said 1.17 is “now up” which I interpreted to mean it was now available through normal updates.

And now it is.

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It gives me version 1.17 and not 1.18.
And the long awaited (for me) Greek polytonic is still missing.

The PureOS release of 1.18 will follow soon.

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I got the 1.17 update. Although I will say, with the update I noticed the keyboard will shrink in size when using scale below 200% on Librem 5. In the previous version it seemed to keep the same amount of space when I used 150% scale. Not a huge deal, but something I would like to see again in the future, if possible

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Can you file an issue describing exactly what is happening?

I sent an email with screenshots to the feedback email address labeling it Squeekboard and then a brief description of the issue. I hope that was the appropriate address to send it to.