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This is my first post here so I want to introduce myself.
In my spare time I’m the coordinator and maintainer of friulian language in GNOME project, Fedora, Haiku and a lot of other softwares. I also speak and write fluently (as I am bilingual) italian.
I’m very interested in librem 5, especially because it’s based on GNOME environment, so there’s the possibility to have the first phone which supports natively my language. But afaik, in PureOS live iso, italian and friulian are not well supported (as in others distros). For example friulian is nicely supported under Fedora since the installation process but openSUSE no (even if it uses GNOME) and even after configuring the localization settings, the gnome-shell still remains in english.
So, if appreciated, I’m here ti give my help to improve Friulian and (if needed) Italian language.
Best regards

Fabio Tomat


Hi Fabio Tomat,
If you want more info on translating, you can start here:

Also, see this thread in the forum.

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Thank you so much, I had already updated the firsts three packages, but I completely missed squeekboard. So again, thank you.
Installing PureOS on my laptop I realized that the friulian language is completely missing in gnome-settings (only the keyboard is present but first you have to pin a specific setting under gnome-tweaks for additional inputs). Actually friulian is a language available in GNOME by a long time. There’s another important component which is missing friulian: the installer. So I requested today the friulian language in Calamares. Do you know if I miss some other piece of software indispensable to create a consistent system?

You can check all the default apps for the Librem 5 to see if they need to be translated.

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I tried Librem5 qemu image and I could not see Friulian language anywhere. (for the keyboard there’s a command to launch to enable it: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources show-all-sources true which in latest versions of GNOME is no more needed)
Looking at GNOME languages page I noticed that there’s a Friulian language and a fur_IT language (which should be the same).
Actually Friulian (fur) version is the one I’m actively involved (more or less 85% strings done of main apps) but the fur_IT has never been touched.
Is librem5 using fur_IT translations?

File a new issue with Phosh, and ask the Phosh devs.

Tried to issue there but it has been closed because “the shell has no language list” so I’m trying with gnome-settings…

If you are looking to translate everything L5 related, don’t miss libhandy and King’s Cross, which are listed under gnome-extras.

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Thanks for addressing me to gnome-extras, I pushed kgx through git, now it’s also on DL.
Soon libhandy :slight_smile:

This update may be relevant: Squeekboard release 1.10.0

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