Swedish keyboard

What about Swedish keyboard as an option in the dropdown menu when you want to order this laptop? Is that coming?

Hi Kristoffer!

Currently we are offering only US and UK keyboard layouts. Other layouts might be available in the future.


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+1 for scandinavian keyboard

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I’d buy a swedish librem too. Would you like to get organised? //Erik


I do think it is kind of hard to get swedish since we are to small country. The nearest you will get is probably DE keyboard if purism sells many laptops in german.

Another solution would be do as me:

I am also from Scandinavian but always buying uk layout keyboards. Then you can choose “eu layout” in kde/gnome. That means all keys is still correctly mapped with uk layout but you get access to åäöü using ALTGR. This may feel awkward at beginning but you will learn :slight_smile:

ALTGR + a(=ä)
ALTGR + o (ö).
ALTGR + u (ü)

Personally as coder I do prefer uk keyboards over swedish. I guess for me This is for historical reason. When install old Linux OS and if you forget to set local some keys was wrongly mapped for example in swedish layout '( and ‘)’ are mapped at SHIFT + 8 and 9 on uk it is "correctly mapped at 9 and 0. More “international” but cause of those wierd swedish characters things was moved…

So my point is I prefer to have easy access to {[]} and also () in correct places! swedish/dutch turns out to put some of those keys in very annoying places…

Just my opinion.

Or even better, purchase a Purism laptop/netbook that offers users to use detachable keyboard layouts.

Like a click on keyboard.

Organized? Please explain what you mean by that exactly.

I’m an American, but I’ve been learning Norwegian and Danish (Swedish eventually). While I’m sure it’s not as convenient as a Swedish keyboard, I’ve used GNOME Tweaks to set the Compose Key. I chose the Right Alt key, but you could do whatever you think is convenient. It’s pretty quick to type special characters. For instance, I do Right Alt, then “/” then “o” to get ø, Right Alt, then ", then a to get ä, etc. Something to at least consider

First figure out how many we are, then write up some questions to the folks in Purism and ask what they need us to do. Then, if we think it is within reach to get those things done, we get to work. Something like that :slight_smile: //Erik

I’m thinking of buying a couple of SE-keyboard laptops to family and friends, but it’s good to know it’s fairly easy to use GNOME Tweaks. Thanks! //Erik

I would also like to get a swedish Librem. So if you are organising something, count me in.

Good point, but another option is to simply buy a UK laptop and set the keyboard layout to Swedish.
The layout on UK and Swedish keyboards are both ISO so the only difference is that the keys doesn’t say ÅÄÖ and that the ALT symbols on keys 0-9 are shifted one step to the left. If you really need to have the ÅÄÖ letters visible there are stickers you can buy online to put on top of the keycaps.

I did this on a Chromebook with Linux installed on it and used it for years, worked fine.

Also, it’s rare to see a specificly “Swedish” keyboard as most keyboards are a mixed “Nordic” style with åäöøæ printed on three keys so the key depends on which language layout you choose. So it would be smarter for Purism to add a Nordic keyboard layout than a specifically Swedish one.

The keyboard looks like Swedish, but it says Nordic.
Keyboard cap can be replaced

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@ehj, you probably remember that such a poll took place and you voted. :wink:
As a result, UK and DE was added, but has been removed since. So not even the top voted makes economic sense at this point in time.
International keyboard poll
Keyboard layout poll

I am from Denmark and i reckognize the issue.
However it is seriously difficult to get a laptop with linux preinstalled that has a nordic keyboard. But the UK keyboard is an international keyboard, and as such it has the correct amount of keys. This is better than say System76, that no longer supports international keyboards on their laptops, but only US keyboards.
So if you buy the one with UK keyboard you can map it to swedish and at least have all the keys you need, without the labels matching though. æøå :slight_smile:

That keyboard is Danish :).
But nice that you can order it.

It have “Windows” key… But nice to see keyboards for so rare laptop. Also, Enter key looks different from revision 3. Revision 2 is really have this form of Enter key?

I would love Danish/Nordic layout keyboard in laptops or changeable keycaps.