What happened to Librem 15?

What if I’m worried that malicious USB devices on the same hub will record my voice while I’m speaking with someone? Sometimes you need to use those devices simultaneously, too.



You can imagine an extreme edge case threat model for anything. That doesn’t mean it has any practical relevance. The vast majority of people using an unbalanced microphone with a laptop are using a headset or earbuds with an integrated microphone, thus most devices today have a single TRRS jack. It would be a waste of resources to add a separate jack for the microphone.

A nice high resolution screen, on the other hand, has much more practical relevance than an extreme edge case threat model.


Introduction of the 15 would give me the confidence that Purism is still in the laptop business, so that I could confidently buy the 14 or 15.
(The Librem key is awesome. I am ready to buy the 14 or 15 to replace my old 13 once I have the confidence that Purism will still support me three years down the road.)

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While I agree with you that currently it’s a rare edge case in threat modeling, this is exactly how security through isolation works, which is the basis of Qubes OS. They are even creating Audio VM to isolate everything concerning the Audio stack. Video domain is of course also there. Users don’t even have to think about it.

AFAIK Librem 15v2 had a separate 3.5mm jack for microphone. I would certainly survive without it in case it’s indeed costly, but since Purism advertise themselves as a security-focused company, I do expect such things from them, along with a possibility to update your Coreboot without connecting to the Internet.

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Well obviously everyone has their own needs for larger screens but I would’ve been OK with a 13 inch screen and a smaller case/footprint. Easier mobility to me.


Of course we are still in the laptop business, we just launched a brand new laptop platform, the Librem 14, which is a complete redesign based on our wishlist (which is a significant investment), and will be the platform we stick with for that form factor, likely for many years to come. We wouldn’t have bothered to make that kind of investment if we were exiting the laptop business.

The question I’m asking (and people are helpfully answering) in this thread is what’s missing from the Librem 14 that the Librem 15 had, that would cause you to hold off on getting a Librem 14, and it sounds like at least so far, the common consensus is that some people really do prefer a physically larger screen, and once the screen is larger, a higher resolution screen.

All of this is useful to know, because it sounds like even if the Librem 14 were to increase its screen resolution down the road as part of a future upgrade, that there are still a number of people who wouldn’t get a Librem 14 but still want that physically larger screen for various reasons.


I’d be happy with a 14" 4k screen. But if the choice was between a slightly less portable 15" 4k screen and a 1080p 14" screen, I’d definitely go with the 15" 4k screen.

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As for me: Exactly!
I would prefere larger scale notebook with UHD resolution over smaller ones.
And yes, if there were L15 v4 left, I would immediately order.

But I would order the L14 if it had UHD resolution, even while it is smaller. If ever this is possible. Does UHD fit into 14’’ screen?

I would order a L14 with UHD screen that immediately.

if some of you guys are worried about the microphone not being isolated enough just buy a cheap external usb-DAC/AMP with a 3.5 mm jack for audio ONLY … that way even if your headset has an integrated mic you will make sure it won’t be able to ‘snoop’ since the DAC/AMP processes ONLY the audio signal that gets out (NOT in)

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Not sure I understand. Again, a USB device means that other USB devices on this hub [0] can snoop on everything you do with it. I was asking for the the 3.5 mm jack for microphone. The jack for audio out already exists.

[0] Not on this USB port but on all internally connected ports, too. On my Librem 15, there is only one USB hub, which means that all USB devices can snoop on each other, including the integrated camera.

To those wishing for a dedicated microphone jack: Are you aware that the audio jack has a microphone pin? Is it really that you want separate audio out and audio in?

To the Edward Snowdens in this thread: Do you really worry that a USB-device will fetch your digital audio data from a connected USB microphone, but not worry that this shady USB device… might have a microphone built-in plus an Iridium satellite transmitter? :thinking:

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See my replies above why one would need a separate jack for the microphone:

That’s a honor to be called like that, although I don’t think I deserve that :wink:

Not that I actually worry about that, but it’s technically possible. I just want to follow the path of security through isolation, which is what Qubes OS provides. The further you are on this path, the harder it is to hack you. If it does not cost you much effort, I just don’t see why not to do it. Qubes provides a very good and convenient UI for that.

That should be easy enough to check for those who are concerned about it.

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A combined mic and headphone TRRS jack is still required because that’s what most headsets and earbuds with inline mics use nowadays.

Yes, of course.

I assume an adapter (TRRS to Mic) would not work for you?

I know auto-sense ports are a thing. So, it’s entirely possible that the port would detect your microphone as such. That would be the simplest solution. We just need someone to test or confirm it :slight_smile:


Wow, never seen such thing, thank you. If it actually works, it would probably be a good enough solution. Updated my original post where I asked for that.

I am not buying Librem 14 because it is too small screen for my use case. I would love Librem with 16 and even better 17 inch screen.
I had not bought Librem 15 because of numpad it looks not clean (not minimalist) and keybord with touchpad is not in the middle, it just does not look good.
I am waiting for Librem 14 design laptop just with larger screen and please no numpad.


you know most of the time i think about other people that they know more than me in almost every field there is so i resist the temptation to attach pictures that provoke your surprised reaction … i assume that these things are quite common by now so i don’t need to jump in like Caliga did but it turns out that it’s wiser to assume the opposite … i don’t know but i think that the internet got to me and i let it …


A Librem 15 with no numpad and centered trackpad (i.e. the 14 with a slightly bigger, high res screen and no other changes) I think I’d pay almost any premium for.


Also would be great update for L14, L16/17 and L5 to add a physical switch for speakers. To prevent ultrasonic cross device tracking through speakers. If there is no physical switch in the device, first thing that I would have to do after receiving the device is to disconnect the speakers, because even using Tor I could be deanonymized using ultrasound.

Video about ultrasound tracking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1FfVK6sj4I&t=3s
Video Tor deanonymization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRPYF9b7_tA