What of the 180 day lead-time?

It might have started out as estimates, but the estimates have extended beyond faith in a delivery. And the delivery went from being a crowd funded hope to a simple sales fact on their store page. In fact right now it says “Backorder shipping resumes October 2021. Place your order now, get it Q4 2021 – Q1 2022.” That makes no suggestion of crowd fund. It just says order now and get in a time frame. It looks dangerously close to a promise. But having seen it all before I put it to them that it will be broken again. This is no way to run a “social Purpose Corporation” it fails the social purpose.


I encourage everyone to step back and think that if you knew nothing about Purism and had just stumbled upon their website in the last few days and looked at what they’re doing and thought wow this is really great.
I think I’ll get on their forum to learn more about it and these are the kind of debates and comments and threads they see over and over, going back many months.

Would you send Purism your money? Or would you decide to wait and see how things look in 6 months, or a year?

Because that’s what I did last August and what I heard was the phone is a different story, crowdfunding, etc but laptops should be fine as they are already in the laptop business and have already shipped two laptops with favorable reviews so I ordered my laptop. That was 10 months ago.

I think the average customer would wait, and I would have as well had I known then what I know now, including those that are leaning toward wanting a privacy and security based phone with Linux, which all means a huge drop in cash flow for Purism over the next year. Or at best, no income growth.


And they leave things unexplained. Remember, at the end of January they sent reliable (their word) estimates for the next 4 months (including May) saying they have secured CPUs only so far. The result? They delivered on time the first 2 months (Feb and Mar) and nothing in April. When April ended with no deliveries they come up and say “we don’t have enough CPUs and we pause the production until Octomber 2021”. So where are those aprox 1000 CPUs that were reserved for deliveries in April and May? Where did they go? They didn’t explained, only said they don’t have enough CPUs. Meanwhile they announced Librem 5 USA production run with all the parts available… It’s hard not to jump to conclusion about the provenience of the CPUs for L5 USA…

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As they say, “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. Extending the analogy, I suppose same applies with delayed orders. The phone that was designed in late 2017 early 2018 is getting delivered in 2022 with the latest components then available and touted as “the” phone from Freedom aspect. Does everything really pans out?

I understand the need to ship more of Librem 5 USA phones but that should not belittle the deliveries from the Original backer orders. Just a thought, maybe Purism should use the Made in USA chips to fulfil the original backer orders.

I am really really running out of patience. :disappointed:

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Could you perhaps tone it down a notch? Being abrasive doesn’t make the discussion any better either.

Do we really need to turn another thread into a flame war? If the answer continues to fall on the “yes” side, don’t be surprised if it’s closed.


You might as well close it, its already devolved into an argument about semantics.


The heat death of any forum thread.

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We might be seeing the aftereffects of much large part shortages than everyone imagined. That reads like their suppliers guaranteed them supplies, took their money and only delivered half.

Great point.

Fair comments. When a timeframe is mentioned without setting expectations (appropriately), it is open to interpretation. Some customers with unrealistic expectations will be disappointed.

I still maintain that 180 days is at best an estimate and at worst a guess.

If only that were true. :slight_smile: It seems most forum topics evolve in the exact opposite direction, as compared with heat death as currently expected - in the sense that the equilibrium temperature of the universe is expected to be very low while topics tend to get closed as the temperature increases.

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Haha! Fair enough. I concede the point!

They can’t afford to get expensive because then they won’t be able to go the distance. I honestly look at their product range, and it just doesn’t pan out as good value. That’s OK for what they do, BUT their prices just keep going up and up and up and then up again. There must be some problem - I’m just saying!

If they want to solve their delivery problem (yes, I use the word problem with no shame!) then they should diversify beyond the niche market. In other words we sell honest open source things, but we also sell the bog standard spy-on-customer device while declaring that that is not open-source. For example they could manufacture and sell raspberry pi 3d printers and quite honestly NOBODY cares that is is closed source because nobody needs to drag this thing around with them to record gps. Nobody has to even connect it directly to internet if they are concerned about that. In other words it spys, but only if you let it! This would boost the cash flow stream and voila - more money to throw at the problem.

Just think, you prepaid for an antique ahead of time! You can put it on Antiques Roadshow with provenance. Especially at the lately since they doing re-runs. It can show the 2017 value then that little tune they made as it drops down in value for 2021.

P.S. “spies” not “spys”.

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Right now it is going up in value [sic].

What is the bracketed sic for? Neither you nor I had a grammatical, spelling, or contextual error. (At least that’s the way I was taught.)

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To indicate that I intended to use that word, and not (in this case) the word “price” or “cost”, for example. In other words, it is forestalling the suggestion of error in my own text.

It can be used to indicate that text is being copied exactly despite an error in the original but that is not what I meant in this case.

Hope that clarifies.

LOL. I am highly confident that nothing in this topic or any topic like it will speed up the delivery of your phone, not discussion of the heat death of the universe, not the finer points of the usage of Latin words, not discussion of climate change, natural disasters, …

Bottom line: It will come when it comes.


Yes I took it for the typical newsprint usage of sic, hence my confusion. Thanks for the clarification.

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Well, there IS that. The doomsday prophets have been active lately. Who knows?

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Please don’t bait people. Next time I see something like that in this thread I’m going to take action.


Edited answer, maybe this will unflag it from off-topic:

No, not the press, recent eschatology from various religions.