When will Byzantium launch?

My phone is getting regular updates but the progress is very slow. I still have no way of opening photos or any pictures on the phone. There is a way to add your nextcloud account to the phone but once added I cannot view any of my files. Bluetooth is still broken. None of the navigation apps can actually talk to the GPS module.

Does anyone know when the Byzantium thing will come out? Also I hope I will be able to get it just by hitting the update button.


While you’re waiting for byzantium, you can install the apps you need to do this from the Software app, even on amber.

Search in the store for Files (which is Nautilus), and gThumb.


in general if you don’t know the name of the concrete app you need you can search in the store for “images” or “file” or “browser” and it tends to show you the apps for it


I will try that.

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I’m assuming it will release the same time as Debian Bullseye, which is scheduled for 2021-08-14

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Without knowing how setting up a new release works, I would assume some time for configuration and testing of the Byzantium release once Debian makes their release (including repository configuration). But I would not expect it to be long for the x86 (laptops and desktops) build given how much work Purism has already put into it. I could see Purism delaying the phone release if something phone specific is not ready (such as the upgrade path).


Shortly before they come out with “Constantinople” beta.

(Sorry I used this joke before.)


Thanks that worked well. I can open pictures now and browse through my directories.


You might find some others you want or need here: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

How does that color look like though? :wink:


I’m sure there must be some paint company that used the name for one of its products.

This may be overgeneralising. When I tested it, some Bluetooth worked and some didn’t. Specifically, Bluetooth keyboard works fine but Bluetooth for audio output did not. Because of the latter, I haven’t even tried to pair the Librem 5 with my car.

A2DP audio works fine for me though? (or at least worked fine the last time I tried :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve made a note to re-test. It didn’t work in January when I tested it ([MyL5] Australia/New Zealand), but that is a while ago now. :open_mouth:

Is it Istanbul or Constantinople?


Still not working for me. It pairs OK but …

After selecting Bluetooth as the “Output Device”, Settings / Sound gives me 3 config options

  • Headset Audio Gateway (HSP/HFP)
  • Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP)
  • High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink)

Which should I choose? No option seemed to work for me though.

Some other observations:

  • WiFi seemed to be disabled while testing this???
  • pulseaudio crashed on the destination computer (running Ubuntu 21.04) - so it may not be perfect itself but it did used to work for sound output with my iPhone
  • The destination computer also offered to do “File Transfer” via Bluetooth with the Librem 5 but that did not work either. The only exceedingly unhelpful message on the destination computer was: “There was an error”. Yeah thanks for that, Ubuntu. That’s about the standard of error message that I would expect from Microsoft Windows.

I am not too stressed. Bluetooth is not a high priority for me. It will one day be a “nice to have” and it’s good that my Bluetooth keyboard works now for typing awkward shell commands.

I heard on a podcast today that the latest version of Pipewire automatically switches from A2DP when a Bluetooth headset connects – yes! I wonder if it also switches when a call comes in. :thinking: Better and better. Can’t wait for this stuff to land in Mobian and PureOS.

Is Pipewire integrated into PureOS yet?

Looks like it’s there.

ii pipewire 0.2.5-1 arm64 PipeWire multimedia server

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A2DP. Others won’t work for sure. I’ve seen the whole module crashing and taking WiFi out when switching to HSP.

Looks like you’re trying to use a Ubuntu computer as audio output? I haven’t tested anything like that, so far I’ve only tried connecting to Bluetooth speakers and headphones and that worked fine. One thing to check is to make sure that HSP is not selected as default, since merely trying to connect to this profile may already crash the card :confused:


Yes, I think that happened when I tried it earlier today.

Yes. That arrangement worked fine with my iPhone.

(The point is that the desktop computer, running Ubuntu, has a decent set of speakers, rather better than the typical built-in speakers of any phone. So when the phone is in the vicinity of my desktop, I don’t mind directing audio playback from the phone to the desktop. It’s not unlike what I would do in my car but I haven’t even tried that yet.)

Yes, OK, I should get hold of a vanilla Bluetooth speaker for testing purposes. :wink: